OK, Which of You Idiots Pranked Guillermo del Toro With a Crappy Homemade UFO?

Earlier this month, news broke that the US government had secretly run a $22 million programme to investigate unidentified flying objects—and obtained evidence including footage of Navy F/A-18 pilots (£16.5 million) chasing a strange craft off the coast of San Diego in 2004 and an alleged warehouse of mysterious “alloys.” To this list of evidence we can add the considerably less compelling testimony of The Shape of Water director Guillermo del Toro, who last week told the Hollywood Reporter he saw a “crappy” UFO when he was younger. Read More >>

White House Unsure Whether America’s Big Credulous President Believes in UFOs, Will Check Though

The White House isn’t sure whether President Donald Trump—a noted believer in every single conspiracy theory ever—has a firm stance on the existence of UFOs, despite recent revelations that the Pentagon secretively funded a $22 million programme to investigate them from 2008 to 2012. Read More >>

The US Spent £16.5 Million on a Mysterious UFO Analysis Programme

The X-Files are real, y’all. No, seriously, here is some wild news for anyone who, like me, cried at the end of Arrival, or perhaps fears that one day aliens will roll on through planet Earth and absolutely wreck our shit. Read More >>

Was It a Good Idea to Beam Our Best Techno to an Alien World?

In the year 2030, a powerful radio transmission originating from Earth will arrive at a potentially habitable exoplanet located approximately 12.4 light years away. Should any alien intelligence be there to receive it, they’re in for quite a treat: This binary stream of data contains short musical clips from some of the world’s best electronic musicians. It’s part art, part science—but considering we know virtually nothing about extraterrestrials, should we really be calling attention to ourselves? Read More >>

Scientists Have Transmitted A Message Designed To Attract Aliens Into Space

While I'm sure this is how at several alien invasion movies started, I kind of like the idea of beaming signals into space to see if they get picked up by aliens. Just so we can hopefully figure out whether they're actually willing to talk back. Humans have been beaming signals into space for decades, but now METI has announced it's sent out one deliberately designed to attract the attention of alien life. Read More >>

Curiosity Has Discovered Something That Raises More Questions About Life on Mars

Everyone from David Bowie to astrobiologists to tinfoil hat believers has pondered the question: is there life on Mars? While we’ve found direct evidence of liquid water on the Red Planet, we have yet to find any microbes there. But not all hope is lost—new discoveries from NASA’s Curiosity rover have brought forth more compelling evidence of habitability on Mars. I mean, in theory, all that life has been dead for billions of years, but still. Read More >>

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What Would Aliens Look Like?

As the absurdity on our home planet grows, so does humanity’s curiosity about life beyond 1 AU. Of course, wildly speculating about aliens is nothing new: it’s been fuelling many facets of science fiction for years. But recently-proposed missions to “Ocean worlds” that could harbour microbial life make the search for extraterrestrials less tinfoil hat-like and a bit more tangible. Read More >>

NASA isn’t Hiring Someone to Stop an Alien Invasion, You Idiot

These days, reading anything (e.g. the news) feels like squeezing your head into a Juicero. Just when I thought we had hit the apex of bad reporting and general dystopia, yesterday, several outlets ran stories about NASA hiring someone “to defend Earth from aliens.” It quickly skyrocketed to become the top story on Facebook news, despite being the media equivalent of horse droppings, wrapped in manure, sprinkled with trash shrapnel. Read More >>

Hibernating Aliens Could Explain the Great Silence

We have yet to find any traces of extraterrestrial intelligence, a vexing problem known as the Fermi Paradox. A new solution to the “where are all the aliens?” conundrum suggests that advanced aliens do exist — but they’re in a self-imposed state of hibernation, waiting for a future era of the cosmos in which they can flourish to the greatest extent possible. How very convenient. Read More >>

The Newest Cosmic Radio Burst Has Stumped Scientists

Fast radio bursts are split-second intergalactic blips of radio waves we’ve detected over the last decade. You’d think that if we pointed our telescopes and other space cameras in the direction these bursts came from, we’d spot something else, too. But to date, we’ve got nothing — just radio waves. Read More >>

Will Intelligent Aliens Actually Give a Shit About Us?

With Ridley Scott’s latest instalment in his classic Alien franchise, now’s the perfect time to wildly speculate about extraterrestrials. In Alien: Covenant and so many other movies like it, our cosmic neighbours turn out to be real arseholes. They’re always trying to conquer Earth, or eat humans, or do other weird shit, like hunt Arnold Schwarzenegger in the jungle. If you’re not Arnold Schwarzenegger, this usually ends pretty badly. Read More >>

Astronomer Wonders If We’ve Looked Hard Enough for Signs of Long Extinct Alien Life

Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus is the latest target in the perennial excitement around finding extraterrestrial life. Its warm subterranean ocean is thought to contain all the right ingredients to harbour alien microbes, which would arguably be the biggest scientific discovery in human history. While finding microbes—even biosignatures on places like Mars—would be incredible, perhaps we’re overlooking something critical in the search for life in our solar system, specifically intelligent life. Take that, tiny microbes. Read More >>

Trump Administration Creates Crime Hotline to Report Aliens, Immediately Gets Trolled

Yesterday the Department of Homeland Security launched a new hotline to “assist victims of crimes committed by criminal aliens.” The resulting “fuck you!” from average Americans was swift and hilarious. Read More >>

More Evidence That Aliens Aren’t Trying to Communicate With Us

Some SETI researchers believe the best way to detect aliens is to search the skies for their laser beams. In the largest survey of its kind, astronomers scanned 5,600 stars in search of these optical signals—and they found...absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Here’s what that means to SETI and the ongoing hunt for alien intelligence. Read More >>

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TRAPPIST-1 Has Some Serious New Competition For Best Place to Find Aliens

It seems like every week, there’s a new contender for Coolest Planet Where There Are Definitely Aliens. For those of us who want to believe, this is an emotionally exhausting cycle, as we’re built up and let down time and again. At the risk of fucking with our fragile hearts even more, it’s worth mentioning that a recently discovered exoplanet 39 lightyears from Earth might actually give the current favourites — Proxima b and the TRAPPIST-1 system — a run for their money. Read More >>