The US Ordered Google to Unlock Phones, and Google Didn’t Fight Back

The US government used the All Writs Act in a failed attempt to make Apple write software that would weaken its security to help unlock a seized iPhone. That case was vacated this month, after a dramatic public battle. But the US government is still using the All Writs Act to corral tech companies, including Google. Read More >>

New York Judge Rules US Can’t Force Apple to Help Unlock an iPhone 

On the eve of a Congressional hearing about the US Department of Justice’s fight with Apple over a locked iPhone, a Brooklyn judge has ruled that the DOJ cannot force Apple to assist in unlocking an iPhone in a separate New York drug case. Read More >>

Justice Department Forcing Apple to Unlock ‘About 12 Other iPhones’ Says WSJ

The unlocking of the San Bernardino iPhone may just be the tip of the iceberg. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Justice Department is currently trying to have Apple extract data from “about a dozen” iPhones around the country. Read More >>

The 227-Year-Old Statute Being Used to Order Apple Into Endangering Privacy, Explained

The FBI and Apple are fighting over modern technology using a very old law. A 227-year-old statute, created at the same time as the federal courts themselves, is now at the centre of a showdown about privacy. Read More >>