Alligator With Knife Stuck in Its Head Seen in Lake in Texas

A Texas woman says she recently witnessed an alligator with what appeared to be some kind of knife stuck in its head swimming in a local lake, a situation she says she believes may have been a purposeful act. Read More >>

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Unsettling Video Shows What Happens to a Dead Alligator at the Bottom of the Sea

For the first time ever, scientists placed alligator carcasses at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to see which bottom feeders might make a meal of the dead reptiles. The results came as a surprise even to the researchers. Read More >>

Birds Nest Near Alligators to Scare Off Predators and “Pay” Them in Rejected Chicks

A lot of things eat baby birds, and alligators eat most of those things. Birds in the Everglades National Park, Florida, seem to have noticed this and have been found nesting in trees near alligators. The alligators provide a benefit to the birds, keeping away the opossums and raccoons that would eat their eggs. But what might the alligators get out of it? Read More >>

Claude the Alligator is the Only Reason to Use Facebook

You know that Facebook is a hive of spam and villainy, but visiting Claude the alligator’s page might make you love it again. Read More >>

DSLR Stolen By An Alligator Was Rescued After Eight Months

Dropping your phone is bad. Dropping your DSLR is worse. Dropping your DSLR by a bunch of alligators is even worser. And dropping your DSLR and having it stolen by an alligator is the worsetest. Just ask Mario Aldecoa. Luckily he got his gear back. After eight months. Read More >>