Alienware Says Alpha is Still in Alpha

The Alienware Alpha is smaller and more powerful than an Xbox 360 or PS4, but the £449 Windows-powered game console shipped a little half-baked. Not to worry, says Alienware: updates are on the way! "We're in the alpha phase of Alpha," admits the company. Read More >>

Alienware Alpha Review: Close, But No Game Console

The Alienware Alpha sounds awesome. It's smaller and more powerful than the PS4 and Xbox One. It doubles as an actual Windows PC! But be warned: it's not as easy to use as a game console, not as foolproof. It's not nearly the slam dunk I was hoping it would be. Read More >>

New Galaxy Alpha Leak May Show Super-Slim Design

Samsung might be copying a few design elements here and there from Apple, but it appears to beat out the iPhone in at least one category. This photo, originally leaked by @culeaks, claims to show the rumoured Alpha's slimness advantage over an iPhone 5S. Read More >>

Android Facebookers Can Now Test Fresh New Features

Facebook has announced a new alpha program for its Android app, so super-early adopters can excitedly try out new features. Be warned, though: even Facebook engineer Christian Legnitto says it's "not for the faint of heart." [Google Groups] Read More >>

Sony NEX-3N: The Awesomest Beginner Mirrorless Camera Is Now Smaller and Lighter

We're big fans of Sony's line of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Sony Europe just announced NEX-3N, the latest update to the starter NEX-camera. We loved last year's NEX-F3, and, really, we should be elated that Sony has made it considerably smaller and lighter to make it more appealing to entry level customers. Alas, we've got mixed feelings. Read More >>

Why Women Date Weaklings

Common knowledge dictates that girls dig guys with muscles. However, new research suggests that women gave up on bulging biceps and strong jawlines long ago, in favour of qualities like loyalty and generosity. In other words, the scrawny geek gets the gal. Read More >>

YouView Finally Arrives at Some 350 Lucky People’s Homes

YouView was meant to actually launch before the Olympics, but there's very little chance of that now it seems. Mind you, at least the broadcasting partnership has managed to get a few boxes into homes at last, as the "alpha" trail is finally underway. Read More >>

Sony Ericsson Makes Barely Functional Ice Cream Sandwich Alpha Build Available For the Brave or Foolhardy

Craving a taste of Google's latest Android iteration and running a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, Neo V or Ray? This is your lucky day -- SE has made an alpha build of the Ice Cream Sandwich update it's working on available for your early upgrading pleasure. Read More >>