YouTube is Creating a New Website That Puts All of Its Problems With Kids’ Videos in One Place

YouTube has built a separate kids-only website in the wake of growing concerns about the platform showing disturbing videos to children. Read More >>

Google’s Disgraced Self-Driving Car Wizard Charged With Theft of Trade Secrets

One-time autonomous vehicle wunderkind Anthony Levandowski – the central figure in Waymo’s contentious lawsuit against Uber – has been charged with 33 counts of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets, the New York Times reports, bringing the high-profile corporate espionage case back into the news. Read More >>

Google Stamps Out Political Speech Among Staff With New Workplace Guidelines

Google is fed up with employees expressing political opinions. Read More >>

Lawsuit Accuses Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin of Hiding Wealth From Wife, Running ‘Sex Ring’

Court documents from a civil complaint brought by disgraced former Google executive Andy Rubin’s estranged spouse, Rie Hirabaru Rubin, and obtained by BuzzFeed News, claim that Rubin left Google after an “inappropriate relationship” with a subordinate, hid his fortune from his ex-wife, and engaged in disturbing extramarital behaviour including running a “sex ring.” Read More >>

YouTube Bravely Bans Nazis Hours After Throwing LGBT Users Under the Bigot Bus

The best place online to lead us unsuspecting sheep from an innocent recipe video to either a defence of racialist pseudoscience or pushes paedophiles towards videos of kids has decided maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t want to be known for those things anymore. So it’s taking the most obvious step there is: banning blatantly pro-Nazi content. Read More >>

Alphabet’s Wing Lands ‘World-First’ Approval for Drone Deliveries of Food and Medicine in Australia

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has approved Project Wing’s plans for drone delivery of food and medicine in suburbs around the capital city of Canberra, a “world-first,” according to a new report by the Guardian. Project Wing, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, has been testing self-flying delivery drones in Australia for over a year. Read More >>

Google Employees Call on Company to Kick Conservative Think Tank Head Off AI Ethics Board

Google announced the formation of a global council on technology ethics this week to some deserved trepidation. Sure, the company had amassed some highly qualified individuals to fill seats on this board—but Google’s track record of following its own internal ethics codes is less than spotless. Read More >>

Accountants Hate Him: Man Admits to Tricking Google and Facebook in £92 Million Scam

A Lithuanian man faces up to 30 years in prison after admitting to his role in a scheme that bilked Google and Facebook out of $121 million (£92 million), Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

Google Agreed to Pay Execs Accused of Sexual Harassment Over £100 Million

Following the revelations of a £70 million golden parachute to Andy Rubin, a former Google executive accused of sexually harassing a subordinate, a recently unsealed complaint shows the company approved a further £34 million send-off to Amit Singhal, the company’s former senior vice president. Read More >>

Google to End Arbitration Agreements for Employees

After months of backlash, Google has reportedly agreed to end arbitration agreements in its employee contracts beginning 21 March. Read More >>

On Second Thought, Be Evil

Google publicly supported tens of thousands of its employees walking out in November to protest working conditions, but weeks later the company pushed America's National Labor Relations Board to roll back a legal protection organisers relied on, Bloomberg reports. Read More >>

Google Shareholders Sue Over Andy Rubin’s Reported £70 Million Golden Parachute

A bombshell report by the New York Times in October revealed that Google, like many companies, was willing to bury inconvenient sexual harassment complaints against its executives. In the case of Andy Rubin, a veteran associated deeply with the creation of the Android operating system, his fall from grace was reportedly eased by a $90 million (£70 million) golden parachute—something a number of Alphabet shareholders are now suing over. Read More >>

Google Only Has to Respect Your ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ in the EU, Court Says

Google is not responsible for protecting people’s “right to be forgotten” in any countries outside of the European Union, according to a preliminary opinion from the European court of justice. Read More >>

Google Claims It Wont Sell Face Recognition Tech – For Now

Google seems to be trying to distinguishing itself from the likes of Microsoft and Amazon with a recent statement claiming it will not sell its facial recognition technology until it figures out certain policy issues. Read More >>

Google Employees Demand Company Kill Censored Chinese Search Product

Googlers have, over the past few months, been fighting for a louder voice and greater self-determination within a company that’s increasingly gone astray of its bare-minimum unofficial motto, “don’t be evil”—and more often than not, they’re winning. But there’s still one big fly in the ointment. Read More >>