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Swinging From a Paraglider Is a Terrifying Way to See the Swiss Alps

Not content with hopping aboard a tour bus or renting a helicopter, professional base jumper Quentin Luçon figured the best way to see the Swiss Alps was to hang from a giant swing suspended below someone gliding over the majestic mountain range with a parachute. Read More >>

This Glass Room Lets You Float Over of One of the Alps’ Highest Peaks

The Aiguille du Midi, or Needle of the South, has been home to the terrifying highest vertical ascent cable car in the world for three decades. But this month, it's stepping up its scaring-the-wits-out-of-tourists game—with a glass box that hangs over the yawning void next to the peak. Read More >>

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Hannibal Totally Needed This Micro-UAV in the Second Punic War

The Alps stretch 750 miles across Europe with numerous peaks topping 4,000m. The stiff winds blowing through their passes makes an Alpine UAV crossing nearly as impossible is it was during the Second Punic War. But one plucky micro-drone has just achieved that feat, flying through the Alps in just 23 minutes. Let's see a war elephant do that. Read More >>

This Stunning Steel Bowl Is Made from the Mountain It’s Modelled After

Tucked amidst the Mont Blanc Mountain Range, the picturesque Aosta Valley is among the most pristine places on Earth. But rather than trek all the way to the Italian Alps, you can gaze upon the region's natural beauty through this 1:2193 scale stainless steel serving tray from Alessi. Read More >>

Take a Train Ride Through the Swiss Alps Without Even Getting Off Your Arse

You’ve always fancied taking a trip to visit the Swiss Alps, but you just can’t afford to lever your fat arse out of your office chair and onto a plane, train or automobile. Don’t worry, Google’s got you covered with Street View’s first trip on a train, and you don’t have to go anywhere to witness the serene beauty for your virtual self. Read More >>