This Futuristic Solar Power Plant From 1923 Was Supposed to Light Up the World

Some people here in the 21st century still think of solar power as a futuristic, unproven technology. But solar-powered machines have been around for well over a century. Read More >>

Researchers Create Urine-Powered Battery For, Ahem, Cleaner Charging

A team at the University of Bath claims to have designed a new sort of urine-powered battery, giving rise to a future in which drunken businessmen will be attempting to urinate into unreasonably small holes atop their iPhone 12s in train doorways in order to get enough power to last them the commute home. Read More >>

The Future Will Run on Algae

In the 20th century, oil was black gold. But as we march deeper into the 21st century, we could have a lucrative new fuel on our hands. One that’s blue-green and sometimes a little smelly. It’s found in wastewater, but it’s capable of powering jets. Let's talk about algae. Read More >>

There’s Gross Alternative Fuel Just Hanging Out in the Sewers

Everybody knows about using oil as a fuel source, but London is putting a new spin on the concept. Soon the city will be mining its own sewers to bring up glorious globs of old cooking grease and melting them down into fuel. Delicious. Read More >>

Advanced Trolling 101: Think Big

You hate "green" energy. You love mayhem. You're an eccentric billionaire just looking for a good way to kill a Sunday afternoon. If any of these applies to you, here's a blueprint for the most advanced trolling the world has ever known. Read More >>