10 Things We Learnt From The Tube Driver Reddit AMA

We love a good Reddit AMA (that's Ask Me Anything for the non-Redditors among you) -- a tradition where people with interesting jobs or experiences post a thread and people can, as you might have guessed, ask them anything. Read More >>

Astronaut Scott Kelly on Liquid Salt, a Stinky Station, and Sleeping in Freefall

There are lots of things most of us never contemplate when we fantasise about living in space: what happens to your arms when they don’t naturally fall at your sides? Do you keep your calluses when you aren’t walking? What’s it like to sleep in free fall? Read More >>

Reddit’s Released an Actual Book of its AMAs With a High Price Tag

This feels kind of wrong. Reddit has assembled a series of its best Ask Me Anything (AMA) from the website into a real physical book, and it will gladly take $35 for a copy on Amazon's US portal. That's about £25, but at the moment the physical version isn't showing up on the UK Amazon site. Read More >>

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Reddit’s First Video AMA With Neil DeGrasse Tyson Is Just Another Celebrity Q&A

A new, post-Ellen Reddit is here, and it’s a different kind of beast, with high-quality video AMAs with big-name celebrities. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the first, and although it’s a very good video, it also feels a little bit weird. Read More >>

Ask Giz UK Anything* You’d Like, pt. IV (Updated)

As it's been a verylongtime since our last AMA, and as we have some big(gish) news concerning the site, do jump into the comments for the next two hours (12:30 - 2:30pm, today and today only) and ask away. Read More >>

Another Giz UK AMA is Coming…Tomorrow!

I'm a bit embarrassed at how long it's been since we last had an AMA on Giz UK. For the uninitiated, this is where we rip off Reddit (no cheap shots from the commenting proles about how we already do that everyday, please) with our own Ask Me Anything. Read More >>

Queen Madge Turns to Bittorrent for Arthouse Free Speech Film

Sexy pop pensioner Madonna is having a go at film directing again, only this time she's doing it for charity. Her "secretprojectrevolution" is a short co-directed film that'll launch for free on Bittorrent next week. Read More >>

Notes From the Frontline: Ask Matt Delito Anything (and Win Signed Copies of His New Book)

We're blushing with pride this week at Giz -- our clandestine copper columnist Matt Delito, writing for us since October 2011, published his first book yesterday. Confessions of a Police Constable (from £2.99 over on Amazon) contains some of Delito's more remarkable stories from his years working for the Metropolitan Police, and for the next hour's AMA, the five best questions asked of him will win you a signed copy of his book. Read More >>

Bill Gates Shows Off Sense of Humour and Come-Hither Eyes in Reddit AMA

In Bill Gates' closing remarks on his Reddit AMA earlier today, he left the Internet with the following message: Read More >>

Ask the Gizmodo UK Editors Anything* You’d Like, pt. III

We're just one day shy from celebrating the first birthday of Giz UK, so rather than invite you 'round to mine for a shared bottle of red and some shit Saturday night TV, let's all celebrate together the comments of our third AMA. If you have any feedback on how the past 12 months have gone; suggestions for how to better ourselves (no, we're not getting rid of the GIFs), or more questions about our preferred cheese types, ask away! Read More >>