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Otherworldly Animation Makes These Motion Captured Dance Moves Even More Amazing

New York studio Method Design was tasked with creating something for the Association of Independent Commercial Producers’ annual awards show. They decided to make a dance party. Read More >>

An Amazon Fire Stick for £29.99 is Our “Plug and Play” Deal of the Day

Greetings Giz UKers, to another fresh look at the latest deals and savings to be snapped up from the web. Read More >>

This Gorgeous Video Shows Just How Incredible the Apollo Missions Were

The Project Apollo Archive on Flickr is truly one of the great treasures available on the Internet. You can easily get lost in the stunning imagery and wonder about what exists beyond our world. Read More >>

Holy Crap, NASA’s Interstellar Spaceship Concept is Amazing

Dr. Harold "Sonny" White is still working on a warp drive at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Their work is still in the experimental stages but that doesn't mean they can't imagine already what the real life Enterprise ship should look like according to their math. You're looking at it right now. Read More >>

27 Amazing Images From the Depths of Scientific Labs

As an image-driven person, I often find myself deeply lost and buried in the vast online libraries of universities and research centres. Scientists just love to show off all the big and shiny machinery they work on. Read More >>

I Wore the New Oculus Rift and I Never Want to Look at Real Life Again

So the Oculus Rift is fantastic. If you've used it in its original incarnation, you know that it's incredible. It's virtual reality done better than you've ever seen it before. It's revolutionary. And it's nothing compared to what's coming next. I mean, Oh. My. God. Read More >>

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How a Lost Boy Used Google Earth to Find His Way Home After 25 Years

Last year, we heard the amazing story of Saroo Brierley, the Indian "lost child" who used Google Earth to find his way home after 25 years. This stirring video produced by Google features Brierley telling the story in his own words. It's pretty crushing. [YouTube] Read More >>

Every Random Science Fact You Could Possibly Ever Want to Know In One Epic Video

This video will turn you into a one-man factoid machine, armed with "60 epic facts that show why the world is awesome". Produced by the BBC's Earth Unplugged team and starring all sorts of science brains from the whole of YouTube, this is probably the most interesting and amazing video you'll watch all day. Read More >>

Oculus Rift 90 yo
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This 90-Year-Old Grandmother Freaking Out Over the Oculus Rift VR Goggles Is What Makes Technology Great

More or less, this is all anyone ever wants from a piece of technology. Here's a 90-year-old woman strapped into an Oculus Rift VR headset, and totally losing her mind over how amazing it is. Read More >>

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This Awesome Photographer Paraglides to Take Extreme Desert Pictures

If you ever wondered how National Geographic manages to take those gorgeous shots of the desert and overhead pictures of animals, the answer: paragliding. Coasting through the nothingness of nature is almost more beautiful than the pictures itself. Photographer George Steinmetz has flown in these motorised paragliders over a dozen times and has seen nearly every extreme desert. What an awesome job. [National Geographic via Neatorama] Read More >>

Tim Cook: “We Would Never Make a 7-Inch Tablet”

In Apple's earnings call yesterday, Tim Cook uttered something that is, frankly, stunning in its obliviousness: Read More >>

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Why Aren’t All Fireworks As Awesome As This One?

Check out this amazingly fun firework. It's actually a flying vehicle powered by fireworks that propel it up in a spiral of fire. It apparently uses different stages, until the final one explodes in a ball of light. Read More >>

Exposure to Awesome Things Makes You a Better Person

"Awesome" is a word which is thrown around liberally these days. But a new study suggests that things that inspire awe—that is, a feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder—actually help make you a better person. Read More >>