Google Home and Google WiFi Go On Sale Today

If you've been eagerly awaiting the UK launch of Google Home – and fancypants mesh router Google WiFi – in the UK, today is the day you can finally get your hands on one. Read More >>

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Google Home Undercuts Amazon Echo With £129 Price Tag

Google's equivalent of the Amazon Echo, Google Home, is officially coming to the UK on the 6th of April – and it's £20 cheaper. Read More >>

google home
Google Home is Finally Coming to the UK

Some brilliant news for nerds this cloudy Tuesday morning: Google's rival to Amazon Echo is finally making its way across the pond, and we don't have long to wait. Read More >>

The Amazon Echo Now Has 10,000 Mostly Useless ‘Skills’

Amazon proudly announced today it’s adding its 10,000th skill to the Echo, the company’s artificially intelligent speaker. About a year ago, I wrote a love letter to my Echo praising it as the ultimate gadget for the lazy. The prospect of greatness seemed so obvious. The speaker was quickly getting smarter, and soon I’d be able to control most of my home from it, right? Read More >>

How to Make Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Do Whatever You Want

Our peaceful homes are being invaded by talking Bluetooth speakers and there’s nothing you can do about it—so you might as well enlist the help of these AI-powered hubs and get them to do your bidding. Here’s how to set up your own custom voice commands on Google Home or the Amazon Echo. Read More >>

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It’s The Season Finale Of The Grand Tour – Here’s A Free Way To Keep The Boys In Your Life

The season finale of The Grand Tour is now streaming, meaning series 1 has come to an end and we're once again without new episodes of car-based camaraderie. But there's a free way you can keep the GT boys in your life for a little longer - if you have an Amazon Alexa device. Read More >>

Alexa Won’t Tell You A Trump Joke Anymore

Since what we need in these dark times is apparently less humour, Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant has stopped telling jokes about Donald Trump. Read More >>

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You Can Get a Weed Leaf Decal for Literally Any Gadget, So I Did

I love my Amazon Echo. She is the perfect Bluetooth speaker, kitchen timer, and personal shopper—for better or worse—but also a friend, keeping me company on those brutally cold and lonely nights. So when I learned that MightySkins—a company that makes decals for literally every gadget under the sun, from hoverboards to drones to seven-year-old iPhones to electric unicycles to a wide variety of vapes—I had to elevate my precious Echo from boring black tube to party monster. Read More >>

Virtual Assistant Lets You Imprison Your Anime Girlfriend and Feel Loved

Like a mix between Her and the Black Mirror Christmas Special, the Gatebox is a creepy personal assistant that puts the emphasis on personal and doesn’t seem to do much assisting. Read More >>

Microsoft Sets Sights On Amazon Echo

You may have seen the Amazon Echo adverts already - they're the strangely uncomfortable ones where a disembodied voice asks a magical tube to add things to their shopping list, and various other mundane tasks that they can't do because they're too busy using their hands to do human things. Read More >>

Amazon’s Next Echo Sounds Weird

Amazon is building a new version of its artificially intelligent Echo speaker with a screen, according to a Bloomberg report. The device is currently being worked on by the company’s secretive Lab126 research team that was also responsible for some of Amazon’s greatest flops and successes like the Fire Phone, Echo Dot, and Fire tablet. It sounds weird and kind of unwieldy—but it might prove to be a great idea. Read More >>

Amazon Echo Dot: Your £50 Ticket to an Internet of Things That Actually Works

When I reviewed the Amazon Echo a few weeks ago, I suggested that it might have been life changing. And now looking back, I'm not sure how I ever lived without it. If you're thinking of having kids - don't. Get an Echo instead. I now spend my days barking commands at Alexa, the virtual assistant - and generally speaking, she answers back without giving me any shit. Read More >>

Amazon Echo Leaks Clip From Lady Gaga’s New Album

Lady Gaga fans have reportedly “tricked” their Amazon Echos into playing samples Lady Gaga’s latest album Joanne, according to videos posted online. It’s unclear if the leak was a bug or a marketing gimmick. Either way, the trick no longer works. Read More >>

Can Google Home Really Kill the Amazon Echo?

As soon as Google announced its new Home device last spring, everyone (including this blog) was quick to call it an Amazon Echo Killer. But since then, the Echo’s gained some new powers. So how do the two gadgets stack up in a head-to-head spec battle? Pretty evenly — except for the price. Read More >>