Amazon Is At It Again With The Phones

Amazon's Fire Phone was widely considered to be one of the most impressive failures in modern technology. Even so, it appears that Amazon is about to try again, and hopes that changing the name from Fire to Ice is the secret sauce needed to win domination on the phone market. Read More >>

Amazon is Practically Giving Away its Fire Phone in the UK Today

Amazon really hasn't had much luck with its Fire Phone. Middling specs were met with mediocre reviews, resulting in dire sales numbers. And with warehouses full of boxes of the smartphone collecting dust, the "fire sale" that everyone teased seems now to have begun. Today (for one day only) you can now pick up Amazon's Fire Phone for just £99. Read More >>

The Amazon Fire Phone’s Sales Need Some Fuelling

It had so much promise! But when Amazon finally revealed its Fire Phone earlier this year, it proved disappointing -- a glorified Amazon store front with some 3D features squeezed into its frame. And, in the US at least, the sales reflect that underwhelmed response. Read More >>

Amazon Fire Phone Will be an O2 Exclusive at its UK Launch This Month

Amazon's Fire Phone is finally coming to the UK later this month. First suggested by the Financial Times and since independently verified by a trusted source, it will be exclusively offered up on O2's network. Read More >>

Amazon Fire Phone Teardown: So Many Cameras in Such a Small Space

The Amazon Fire Phone's tricks are pretty sophisticated, even if they're never really put to good use. And its innards are complicated to match, according to a teardown by iFixit. But damned if they aren't pretty to look at. Read More >>

Amazon’s Fire Phone Comes With Unlimited Photo Storage

Jeff Bezos just unveiled Amazon's new Fire Phone, and with it a great feature for big-time photo-snappers: free, unlimited cloud storage for the pictures you take with your Fire Phone. That's really quite handy. Read More >>