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Amazon Fire TV Update Lets You Create Your Own Echo Based Home Theatre System

With the latest update, you can hook up compatible Echo devices with your Fire TV and turn your living room into a home theatre. Read More >>

Disney+ Will Launch on Fire TV Now That Amazon and Disney Are Playing Nice

Looks like folks with Fire TV devices will be able to watch Disney+ after all. Read More >>

The Amazon Fire TV Cube Is Another Alexa-Powered Curiosity

Amazon Fire TV has always been one of my favorite gadgets. The Amazon Echo, as I’ve previously explained, gives me pause. So when I heard that Amazon was combining Fire TV with Alexa capabilities to create a whole new device called the Amazon Fire TV Cube, my first thought seemed peculiar: Uh oh, people are gonna love this. Read More >>

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How to Use Google Home or Amazon Echo to Control What’s on Your TV

Your smart speaker is getting smarter—and part of that involves taking over what’s on the big TV screen sat in the corner of your living room. You can buy Google Homes and Amazon Echos with screens built-in, but here’s how to use them with a separate display, whether you want to watch movies or see the weather forecast. Read More >>

Amazon’s Cheap 4K TVs Are Good Enough for Almost Anyone

Remember when 4Ks used to cost a damn fortune? Those days are quickly coming to an end, and if you need proof, look no further than Amazon’s new line of (Westinghouse-manufactured) budget televisions. They come with all the smarts of Amazon’s excellent Fire TV set-top box as well as a price-to-quality ratio that makes them appealing to just about anyone who isn’t willing to take out a mortgage to watch the game in higher quality. Read More >>

Battle of the TV Boxes: Android vs Apple vs Amazon vs Roku

If you’re in the market for a dinky little black box to slide under your living room TV set and pipe through some quality content, you’re in luck: there’s lots of them to pick from. All the major names now have established boxes on the market. While Gizmodo is a big fan of the Roku box and everything it can do, it’s not the only media box in town, and it might not even be the perfect box for you. So instead we compared the four major operating systems running in those boxes to help you sort out exactly which platform will best meet your needs. Read More >>

New Amazon Fire TV Review: Now With 4K But Still Not a Roku

Amazon’s Fire TV is the Amazon Fire of set top boxes. I’m not saying that to sound like an idiot. I’m trying to emphasise how Amazon’s affinity for highly proprietary and basically functional hardware spans categories. The fancy new Fire TV is no exception. Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV Finally Gets the ITV Player

With revamped Amazon Fire TV hardware on ready to be plugged into tellies, now comes along a fresh streaming app for the dongle/box duo. As promised, ITV has brought its ITV Player to the online retailer's streaming units – despite the fact it intends to roll-out an all-new player before the end of the year. The rollout is staggered (Fire TV Stick owners will have to wait a few extra weeks for their on-demand X-Factor fix), but the app will auto-update to the forthcoming live-TV-focussed ITV Hub when that eventually is revealed. [Amazon] Read More >>

Amazon Fire TV is Now Available to Set UK TVs Alight

Amazon's hardware entry into the home TV streaming game, the Amazon Fire TV, is now finally available to buy in the UK after launching in the US back in April. After a short delay after first going on sale at the start of September, the box is now shipping to UK customers. Read More >>

Flappy Bird is Back, Exclusively on Amazon’s Fire TV

Amazon's Fire TV is a great, speedy, oddly expensive piece of hardware, and so naturally Amazon needs to find something that can make it special. Something that can make use of that controller. And what better console-selling exclusive than...Flappy Bird? Yep. Read More >>

Amazon’s Fire TV Will Double as a Gaming Powerhouse

Amazon has finally announced its answer to Apple TV/Chromecast/Roku in the form of Fire TV. But it's not stopping at streaming. Amazon's taking on the gaming world, too. Read More >>

Fire TV: Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s Streaming Box

Amazon has kicked off its arrival to the streaming party with the announcement of a new device called Fire TV to satisfy all your TV watching needs today at a popcorn-scented New York event. Here's everything you need to know about it: Read More >>