It Looks Like Amazon’s Takeover of the High Street is Beginning

Last year, online retail giant Amazon moved into the physical shopping space in the US, launching its cashierless shops under the brand of 'Amazon Go'. It looks like the company is making big steps to bring the retail experience over here, with Amazon looking to acquire retail space across the UK. Read More >>

Microsoft Reportedly in Talks With US Retail Giant Walmart to Build Checkout-Free Stores Like Amazon Go

Even though there’s only one Amazon Go location so far, it seems the existence of Amazon’s cashier-less, checkout-free convenience store has left some of the company’s biggest competitors wondering how they, too, can get in on futuristic retail. Read More >>

Cashier-Less Shopping Startup Takes Aim at Amazon Go With System ‘Orders of Magnitude Bigger’

Amazon is on a mission to redefine the brick and mortar businesses that it disrupted out of existence. With its Amazon Go convenience store, Amazon is pioneering locations with no checkout lines. But innovators spawn imitators and an emerging startup thinks it can retrofit any store with its AI-powered item tracking system starting next year. Read More >>

Amazon Employees Use Pikachu to Test Automated Grocery Store, Which Is a Weird Thing to Do

Amazon is still struggling to get its automated grocery store, Amazon Go, to function right. Who knew it would be so hard to build a brick-and-mortar store with sensors and gadgets instead of cashiers? But in a recent test of the company’s experimental Seattle store, some of Jeff Bezos’ employees got a little weird. They dressed up in Pikachu costumes to go shopping. Read More >>

Amazon’s Automated Supermarket Works Fine as Long as Nobody Runs or Moves Stuff Around

Believe it or not, Amazon is having a little bit of trouble with its “super futuristic shop with no employees” idea. The latest report out of Seattle claims that the Amazon Go concept is being delayed due to some technical struggles. Basically, the computers get really confused when people shop. Read More >>

Amazon Tests Supermarket With No Checkout

Amazon just officially announced its long rumoured supermarket, and it actually looks quite cool. The concept is that there’s no place to checkout. You just tap your phone on some sort of detector when you walk in and then walk out with your food. Once you’ve left, you are billed through your Amazon account. Read More >>