Why Didn’t You Watch the Best Show Ever Made About Silicon Valley?

It’s hard to make good TV about Silicon Valley and its predecessors. Especially a drama. Watching a bunch of nerds talk about coding and CPUs is appealing to a only a painfully small fraction of the population—but someone definitely thought that same thing about advertising before Matthew Weiner trundled into AMC and pitched Mad Men. That show proved even the most boring subject matter could be riveting with the right approach. Over the course of its four seasons, Halt and Catch Fire, which ended earlier this year, discovered the fascinating, frustrating human side to the soulless monsters who built Silicon Valley. Read More >>

Chris Evans’ New Top Gear is Doomed – Here’s Why

Yesterday, at long last, we found out who will be behind the wheel of the BBC forthcoming new Top Gear reboot, which launches on the 8th May. Six other famous and not so famous names will be joining Chris Evans in what the BBC hopes will be a seamless transition to a new presenting team, following the unpleasantness last year. Read More >>

Sky Q, HDR, 4K, Streaming: There’s Never Been a Better Time to Own a TV

Video is everywhere. All the time. Playing. On. Now. In your phone, on your laptop, in fancy battery-powered greeting cards and on distracting motorway signage. What once was the reserve of the living room is now truly ubiquitous – that iconic, once-futuristic Blade Runner scene of the 100ft multi-screen geisha has not only become a reality, it's been surpassed in ways director Ridley Scott could never have dreamed of. Read More >>

Amazon’s Clarkson Top Gear Alternative Could be Called “Gear Knobs”

We know it's going to Amazon. We know it's going to cost a bomb to make. But what is Jeremy Clarkson's new Top Gear-rivalling TV show going to be called? According to newly uncovered trademark documents, it could end up being quite fittingly called "Gear Knobs". Read More >>

Outlander and Why the Internet Means There’s No Such Thing as a Guilty Pleasure Anymore

I was recently told by my partner, in a roundabout way, that I watch an inordinate amount of rubbish, nay embarrassing, television. I felt naturally affronted, but in all fairness I knew exactly what he meant. I fall into every cliché going when it comes to what’s on the box: I’m a sucker for period dramas, female-centred comedies, romance, and the dorkiest of dorky fantasy. I am that person whose Netfilx recommended list features categories like ‘Period Dramas with a Strong Female Lead’, ‘Romantic Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead’, and ‘Cult Classics with a Strong Female Lead’. Read More >>

Primecast Disabled After Just 36 Hours of Life

Welp, that was pretty fast: just two days after springing into life on the Play Store, Primecast, a £3 app that put Amazon Instant Video-streaming capability onto your Chromecast, has ceased to be. Read More >>

Amazon’s Latest TV Pilots are Now on Instant Video

Amazon's third round of pilots are out today, streamable on Amazon Instant Video. There are five shows, three of which are comedies, including Red Oaks from Stephen Soderbergh; The Cosmopolitans, which stars Chloe Sevigny and Adam Brody; and Really, which stars some people I have never heard of. From October, they'll be in 4K too, matching Netflix's own high-resolution streams. [Amazon] Read More >>

How to Handle Internet Indecision

The internet is full of choices to to pick from, decisions to navigate and options to eliminate. Sometimes deciding between a roast beef sandwich and a pepperoni pizza is an impossible bind. But this is not an isolated dilemma—the question of what to watch, what to eat, and what to click is indicative of an issue that plagues the whole internet. Read More >>