Layman’s Battlemodo: The Best Ereader

Dig if you will a picture, of the year 2099 -- all the books are gone and what’s left of the human race is ingesting its literature via hand-held devices. That’ll be what happens when the e-readers take over the world. As I plan to still be around then (eternal life will be discovered sometime in 2017 I reckon), I thought I’d better get with it and get myself an ereader, by trying out four of the most popular devices. Read More >>

Want a New Ereader? The Kindle Touch is Now Available In the UK a Whole Seven Days “Early”

OK, it’s not the Kindle Fire we were all hoping for, but the UK now has another Kindle to choose from, if you like touching things I guess. Better late than never, the Kindle Touch throws out buttons for a touchscreen; packs a two-month battery life, and will set you back £109. Read More >>

Amazon’s Kindle Touch Now Available For Pre-Order In UK (With Hefty UK Price Hike)

In typical fashion, we're being screwed with a significant price-hike of around £30 (after taxes) between the US Kindle Touch and the UK model, which is now available to pre-order from tonight. But what the heck -- £109 is still a pretty decent price, especially considering the new model is touchscreen and comes with the handy X-ray tool for skimming 'n cribbing up on characters. Read More >>

lightning review
Kindle Touch Lightning Review: The Only Book Gadget You Need

We've more or less accepted e-readers as the best way to read a book digitally, but there's still a whole lot that gadgets can do that e-readers suck at—literally anything you own with a screen is better at this stuff than an e-reader. The Kindle Touch is the first to really bridge that gap in a way that makes sense. Read More >>