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The Grand Tour Returns to Amazon Prime on 8th December

We finally know when the second series of The Grand Tour will hit Amazon's Prime Video service. It's a bit late this year, probably down to Clarkson's pneumonia, Hammond's continued habit of crashing cars, and James May's haircut, but the first episode will debut on 8th December. Read More >>

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Prime Reading Promises Thousands of Books and Comics for Amazon High Rollers

People who willingly pay the Amazon Tax have another thing to be happy about today, with the UK division of the sales giant launching its Prime Reading offering. Read More >>

amazon prime
Amazon Prime Will Show You Blondie for £150

Amazon's Prime members have a new offer open to them today -- concert tickets. Physical concert tickets, sold through Amazon Tickets and non-refundable and non-transferable as is the modern way, for the amazing price of as much as £150. Read More >>

the grand tour
[Updated] Richard Hammond Knocked Unconscious In Grand Tour Motorbike Accident

This article has been updated with a statement from Richard Hammond. Read More >>

The Man in the High Castle Gets Another Season and Another Showrunner

Amazon’s adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s story is going strong, so it’s no surprise that the show’s been renewed for a third season. And with that third season comes a new—and hopefully permanent—showrunner. Read More >>

Amazon’s Flying Warehouse Idea Looks Like a Total Disaster

Amazon loves talking about its drone delivery system despite the fact that it’s nowhere near complete. When the company made its first drone delivery earlier this month, the aircraft carried a bag of popcorn and Fire TV box a measly half-mile. Nevertheless, Amazon is exploring an even more ambitious idea: flying warehouses. Read More >>

Netflix Might Finally Add Offline Playback—But Not For You

Streaming giant Netflix has been teasing offline playback for years—and delivering hollow excuses as to why the feature hasn’t been implemented yet. Most egregiously, the company said that it would add an undesirable level of complexity to the product. But based on an executive’s comments, it seems more likely than ever that offline playback is coming now, just not for you. Read More >>

Goodbye Netflix, Hello Amazon Prime: Why I’m Switching Sides in the TV Streaming Battle

It’s fair to say Netflix owned the San Diego Comic Con by unveiling trailers for upcoming Marvel shows Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders, plus announcing that they’ve got the UK rights for the new Star Trek TV series. Add this to the rave reviews Stranger Things has been getting and Netflix is having a pretty good month. Read More >>

the grand tour
Here’s How to Win Free Tickets for the UK Episode of The Grand Tour

Get excited. See forms. Sigh. Fill in forms. Do superstitious stuff. Check inbox thrice as frequently as usual. Read More >>

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Amazon Prime Day is Back in July, But Only for Subscription Customers

“Do you want this half-price smart thing that used to be £100? That’ll be £129 please.” Amazon has ruined what was supposed to be a joyous day for thousands of cheapskates like me, by revealing that this year’s 24-hour festival of discounts will only be open to Prime members. Read More >>

Amazon’s Planning to Sell Own-Branded Food

Amazon plans to infiltrate your home more throughly than ever. A new report by the Wall Street Journal suggests that is planning to launch a slew of own-brand products in the coming month, which will include perishable food and other household items. Read More >>

Amazon Is Trying to Reinvent YouTube

If you have Amazon Prime—and why wouldn’t you—then starting today you’ll have free access to Amazon Video Direct. Which is... what exactly? According to the landing page, Direct will be “helping content creators and visual storytellers reach millions of Amazon Video customers.” Uh huh. Read More >>

Clarkson’s Top Gear Team Builds its Own Social Network

Jeremy Clarkson and his two supernumerary extra nipples are getting their own social network in which to offend vast swathes of people, one that'll be known as DriveTribe. That's not the name of the Amazon Prime show. Just the site. Read More >>

Is Amazon Prime Still the Best Deal in Tech?

I unwittingly bought an Amazon Prime membership a few years ago. (The free trial trick gets me every time.) But that first accidental payment was worth every penny. Because even years later, Amazon Prime is still the best deal in tech. Read More >>

Amazon’s Made These Extremely Popular Games Exclusive to Prime Members

If you try to get your hands on certain games from Amazon today, you might be left scratching your head. The company appears to have made a bunch of extremely popular titles, including Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six: Siege, FIFA 16 and Assassin's Creed Syndicate, exclusive to Prime members. Read More >>