the grand tour
How to Watch The Grand Tour on Your Android Handset

Android-using people wanting to tune into the first and only opening episode of The Grand Tour on their phones this morning were in for a nasty surprise when they tried to download the Amazon Video app from the Google Play store. Read More >>

Apple’s New TV App is Worthless Without Netflix and Amazon Video

Apple just announced a new TV app for Apple TV, and it’s basically going to be useless. The TV app is supposed to keep track of all the shows you watch across apps available on Apple TV, but there’s a huge catch. The TV app will not include Netflix or Amazon Video, two of the most popular subscription video streaming services. Read More >>

Everyone is Too Busy Watching Netflix to Pirate Content

Streaming video services now comprise 70 per cent of Americans’ internet use at night, which means that hardly anyone is using BitTorrent anymore. RIP, piracy. Arise, Sir Netflix. Read More >>