Human Employees Aren’t Going Anywhere Until Robots Get Their Shit Together Says Amazon

Amazon has assured the BBC that its warehouses need a combination of human staff and robots, and the idea of human workers being replaced by machines is a "myth". Read More >>

Twitch Sues to Identify People Who Uploaded Christchurch Shooting Video

The popular livestream website Twitch is suing anonymous users to find out the identities of 100 people who recently violated its terms of service by uploading content including the deadly Christchurch terrorist shooting and hardcore pornography. Read More >>

climate change
Radical Climate Change Experiment in the Amazon Hits Political Turbulence

When speaking to David Lapola it is hard not to feel both his excitement and frustration. On the one hand, the biologist from the University of Campinas in Brazil is about to oversee the launch of a pioneering trial deep in the Amazon to see how its trees could respond to increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. On the other, what he refers to as the “chamber experiment” is a scaled back version of a truly ground-breaking Free Carbon Air Enrichment (FACE) project that, despite generating major buzz, has hit political headwinds and seen its funding dry up. Read More >>

prime day
Amazon Prime Day’s Start Date Has Leaked Again

Not content with Black Friday or any of the other shopping-centric holidays, Amazon has been doing its own Prime Day for a while now. Because what better way to get people spending money on your products than a special day of deals nobody else is doing? The start date is usually a closely guarded secret, though a previous leak suggested it would kick off on 15th July. Well now here's been another leak suggesting we may be in store for something more like Prime Week, rather than Prime Day. Read More >>

Amazon’s Prime Same-Day Delivery Grocery Service for Now Includes More Cities

Following its initial 2016 launch, AmazonFresh - a same day grocery delivery service in conjunction with Morrisons - is adding more cities to its list of eligible locations. Read More >>

The Tick’s Creator Has Given Up on Finding the Show a New Home

Our hearts were broken recently when Amazon’s The Tick, a well-deserved revival of a classic franchise, was cancelled after only two seasons. Read More >>

19 Tricks to Get More Out of Your Amazon Account

If you’re one of the millions of people on the planet with an Amazon account, you’ve probably never come close to using all of its services, apps, labyrinthine website menus, and settings screens. Here are 19 tricks to get more out of your Amazon account. Read More >>

Lawsuits Claim Amazon’s Alexa Voice Assistant Illegally Records Children Without Consent

In the US, a pair of federal lawsuits against Amazon seeking class action status allege that the e-commerce giant’s Alexa voice assistant technology “routinely records and voiceprints millions of children without their consent or the consent of their parents,” breaking laws in nine states, the Seattle Times reported on Wednesday. Read More >>

Amazon Walks Back Its New Pre-Order Policy Probably Because It Sucks and We All Hated It

Amazon is finally reversing the terrible policy it was apparently testing out in Europe that saw customers charged for their games at the point of order, rather that dispatch. Read More >>

Here Are Some Ways Amazon’s Practices Have Caught The Eye of US Antitrust Regulators

Lately, there’s been a lot of antitrust chatter surrounding the big five tech giants. Last month, Apple was under the microscope for its strict control over the App Store. Now it looks like it’s Amazon’s turn. According to recent reports from the Washington Post and Vox, it looks like the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is keen on investigating whether Amazon’s been unfairly undercutting competition with its Fulfillment by Amazon and Prime services. Read More >>

G20 Countries Agree on Approach to Shut Down Big Tech’s Tax Loopholes

The group of 20 finance ministers meeting in Fukuoka, Japan reached a tentative agreement on Saturday to “compile common rules to close loopholes used by global tech giants” such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, Reuters reported—with a particular focus on reducing the practice by some companies of routing profits through countries that offer rock-bottom corporate tax rates, like Ireland and Luxembourg. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Outlines Plan to Colonise Space, Interrupted by Chicken Protestor

This week Amazon is hosting its first Re:Mars conference, a Las Vegas event where researchers, executives, and Tony Stark are discussing AI and space travel. During Thursday’s events, burgeoning evil mastermind and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tested out large robotic hands and described his plans to create an infrastructure to colonise space. Read More >>

Look Upon What Amazon Hath Designed, for It Soon Will Blanket the Sky

If you’ve ever gazed upon the sky and thought, look at all the space for more shit up there, then you are not alone. Amazon too sees our beautiful blue airspace as prime real estate for getting junk to you even faster. Read More >>

Leak Claims Amazon Prime Day Will Happen on 15th July

If you've paid attention to Amazon the past few years you'll know that it's never content with sticking to the regular sales. Black Friday, Easter, Boxing Day, and all those other 'discount' periods are great, but clearly not as great as having its own special day of deals. Which is why Prime Day exists, and according to a new leak it's set to kick off on Monday 15th July this year. Read More >>