Amazon and Uber Both Want to Get Their Hands on Deliveroo

Deliveroo has become a powerhouse in the food delivery game, with a valuation of around $2 billion. Needless to say this has meant there's been some interest from larger entities that will want to get in on the lucrative business of having KFC or Wagamama delivered straight to customers' homes.  Word is that both Uber and Amazon have expressed interest in acquiring the company for themselves. Read More >>

Richard Hammond Managed to Hurt a Proper Grown-Up Man

Richard Hammond has taken his attempts to please big boy Jeremy to a whole new level, with the production company behind The Grand Tour revealing that the crash-prone sidekick had his own little fight with a member of the car programme's staff. Read More >>

Amazon’s Alexa Microwave Is as Dumb as It Is Brilliant

A voice-activated microwave is a terrible idea and a pointless frivolity, a device which solves a problem almost no one had. Why trust your lying eyes? Amazon’s Basics microwave (with Alexa!) is no such bauble, and as silly a creation as it may appear, it’s the company’s cutthroat business as usual. Read More >>

New Alexa Devices: All the Best Bits from Amazon’s Launch Event

As we mentioned earlier, Amazon held a launch event at its extraterrestrial-looking The Spheres venue in Seattle today, where it unveiled a host of new devices that include Alexa-powered sound equipment, smart home gadgets and even a microwave. Read More >>

Amazon is Launching a Whole Set of New Alexa Devices Today

If you didn't think there were already too many smart assistant devices on the market, you're in luck: Amazon is launching a whole new range of Echo hardware in Seattle today. Read More >>

EU Antitrust Officials Investigating Whether Amazon Misuses Seller Data for Profit

The European Union is informally investigating how Amazon uses the data it collects from third-party sellers hosted on its website, Europe’s antitrust chief said today. Read More >>

Amazon is Planning on Releasing Eight New Alexa-Enabled Devices This Year

Amazon is planning on releasing at least eight new Alexa-powered devices before the end of the year, according to CNBC, including everything from some type of “in-car gadget” and audio equipment to, uh, a microwave oven. Read More >>

Streaming Giants Need the Same Regulation as us, Says BBC Boss

BBC director general Tony Hall has come up with an idea that's fairly impossible to introduce, but still. He'd like to see the massive global media streaming services subjected to the same regulatory regimes as the BBC and the other UK public service broadcasters face, lest original UK content fade from our screens over the coming years. Read More >>

Amazon Reportedly Investigating Whether Some of Its Staff Are Taking Kickbacks From Merchants

Amazon is reportedly investigating whether independent merchants operating on their platform are greasing the palms of staff to divulge confidential information about the site, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Read More >>

IMAX Says it Has Talked With Every Major Subscription Service About Theatrical Releases

Every major streaming video service has approached the IMAX theatre chain about the possibility of theatrical releases, Imax CEO Richard Gelfond told investors at a conference this weekend. Read More >>

Amazon Confuses Bob Woodward for L. Ron Hubbard, Sending Reviews for Fear Tumbling

A mysterious (hilarious?) bug appeared to temporarily drag down the Amazon customer rating for Bob Woodward’s new book about the Trump administration’s first year in office. Read More >>

Jeff Bezos Now Has a £1.5 Billion Charity Fund — I Have Some Questions

Jeff Bezos, who is both famously uncharitable and the wealthiest man in modern history, announced today via a tweet that he’d be allocating $2 billion (about £1.5 billion) — a little over 1 per cent of his net worth — to housing and educating underserved communities. So, where’s the catch? Read More >>

Report: Amazon Takes Down Nine Books Self-Published on Kindle by Virulent Sexist ‘Roosh’

Amazon has taken down nine books written and self-published by Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh, the notorious reactionary misogynist, virulent homophobe, and self-described “pickup artist” behind a small web-based empire. Read More >>

Amazon is Bringing Show Mode to the UK, Turning Your Fire Tablet Into an Echo Show

Over the past few days there has been some speculation that Amazon has a second generation Echo Show on the way, because the item is currently out of stock on the UK site. Bit of an odd way to generate rumours, but hey. That hasn't happened, but Amazon has revealed that it's bringing Show Mode, and the Show Mode Charging Dock to the UK. That's basically the next best thing. Read More >>

EU to Demand Netflix and Amazon Create More Local Content

EU laws about regional content generation for the borderless digital media giants are likely to be introduced at the end of the year, with the current plan being to force the US-based streaming giants of the world to ensure that at least 30 per cent of their content could conceivably be described as being "local" to the audience. This is presumably amazing news for the holders of the BBC archive, which could flog off thousands of hours of crappy sitcoms to help Netflix and Amazon meet their quotas. Read More >>