Amazon Just Got a Patent to Track Bitcoin Transactions and Sell the Data

Big companies file patents all the time. Not because they want to use them, just to have them and stop someone else from coming along and claiming the idea for themselves. Amazon is no different, and back in 2014 it filed a patent for a 'Streaming Data Marketplace' that would allow it to collect online data streams, analyse the data, and after combining multiple streams together they could sell it off to someone else. Read More >>

Amazon Launches Alexa Blueprints, So You Can Create Custom Skills Without Learning to Code

Amazon has always been quite open about letting third party developers create skills for its Alexa virtual assistant, but now it's just made it even easier to build something for yourself. Alexa Blueprints will let anyone develop skills for Alexa, and they don't even need to learn how to code first. Read More >>

Pirates Mock Amazon Prime for Poor Quality Video Content

If you're watching pirate streams and end up with some poor quality video, there's not a whole lot you can do about it. While plenty of people will moan about it, and blast the people responsible for ripping the content, at the moment quality issues seem to be affecting anyone trying to watch Amazon content - regardless of whether they're stealing it or going through the correct channels (better known as subscribing). Read More >>

Amazon’s Rolling Out Intercom-Style Alexa Announcements in the UK From Today

Earlier this month Amazon launched a feature in the US called Alexa Announcements, which let Echo users send one-way intercom-style messages from one Echo device to another. Now it's announced that feature willing be rolling out that feature to UK customers from today. Read More >>

UK Smart Speaker Ownership Doubled in the Past Six Months, Says Poll

In case all those sales on Echo Dots and Google Home Mini's didn't make this a given, it turns out that the number of people who own smart speakers here in the UK has doubled over the past sis months. Or so says a new poll from YouGov. Read More >>

You and 99,999,999 Other People are Amazon Prime Subscribers

Amazon CEO and Lex Luthor lookalike Jeff Bezos announced Wednesday in a letter to shareholders that more than 100 million people around the world are subscribers to Amazon Prime, providing them the privilege of getting all the shit they buy delivered in just two days. Read More >>

Report: Amazon’s British Warehouse Workers ‘Peed in Bottles’ to Avoid Punishment for Lost Time

According to troubling new allegations, workers in Amazon’s UK warehouses pee in bottles to avoid being penalised for taking bathroom breaks. The claims come from author and investigator Jared Bloodworth, who says he worked undercover as a warehouse worker for six months while writing a new book about low-wage work in the UK. Read More >>

Looks Like Amazon May Be Making That Dark Tower TV Series After All

Call it coincidence, call it ka, but there’s now an even bigger hint a Dark Tower television series is in development for Amazon. Read More >>

This Amazon ‘Sniffer’ Patent Sounds an Awful Lot like Spying to Me

If you have a smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo, you should already know that you have a device in your house that's always listening out for that key phrase "Alexa" so it can jump in to help you do whatever it is you can't (or won't) do for yourself. Amazon insists that the speaker doesn't record anything else you say before using the activation phrase, though a new patent suggests it's been considering expanding the number of keywords that will activate the Echo's digital ears. Read More >>

How to Stream Music In Multiple Rooms Using Your Smart Speakers

Our smart speakers continue to get smarter over time, and one of the features recently added to the kit made by Amazon and Google is support for multi-room audio—in other words, the option to play the same tunes in multiple rooms at once. Here’s how to set it up with a group of Amazon Echos, Google Homes, or Sonos smart speakers. Read More >>

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Show Can Use ‘Materials’ From the Movies, Whatever That Means

When Amazon spent $250 million to acquire the rights to make a Lord of the Rings show, we assumed it would be a completely new version of the J.R.R. Tolkien story as compared to the popular Peter Jackson film series. And yet, a new report has us wondering whether or not the two will be connected. Read More >>

Amazon’s Making Alexa Hands-Free on the Cheaper Fire Tablets*

The whole point of virtual assistants is that they're supposedly easier to use and less of a hassle than doing things yourself, which is why they're controlled by voice commands. Amazon's cheapest Fire tablets also include Alexa, but until now you had to hold down the home button to make her pay attention. Read More >>

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Is Amazon Evil and Am I Evil for Using It?

1-Click ordering a massively discounted flat-screen TV, or seventy pounds of coarse-grained salt, it can be easy to forget, or temporarily repress, all those stories you’ve read about, say, working conditions in Amazon’s warehouses, or its propagation of the gig economy through contract labour. Read More >>

Amazon Sponsors 2018’s Bake Off

Amazon is going to be the sponsor of The Great British Bake Off this year, with viewers of Channel 4's high-profile cookery/cockery programme set to be battered with adverts for talking speakers throughout the broadcasts. Read More >>

Amazon Patent Points to Future in Which Humanity Is Reduced to Screaming at Drones

Get ready to grovel for your next shipment of toilet roll. A recently published Amazon patent depicts a delivery drone capable of recognising and responding to human gestures and speech, which means you may want to practise the art of supplication to ensure proper delivery of that two-ply to your front door. Read More >>