Amazon is Making Special Echos for the Hotel Industry

When it comes to adding new technology, hotel chains seem quite eager to bring in new stuff to try and make things more comfortable for their guests. Whether it's basic things like Wi-Fi, more extravagant plans to ditch room keys, or even much fancier things like gaming suites or smartphones in your room. In the future you might even be able to talk to an Amazon Echo instead of a real person. Read More >>

Oh Cool, Amazon is Peddling Conspiracy Theories Now

Amazon Prime Video, the streaming service you turn to when Netflix doesn’t have what you’re looking for, is best known for shows like Transparent, The Man In the High Castle, and *checks notes* films claiming the government is run by human-reptile hybrids. Read More >>

Apple Manages to Snag Oprah Winfrey to Make Shows, Possibly for Subscription Video Service

Tech giant Apple has scored a huge victory in its $1 billion (£750m) original programming push, signing a multiyear deal with host and media magnate Oprah Winfrey to produce as-of-yet unspecified streaming content. According to the Wall Street Journal, the signing of Winfrey is expected to play into the planned launch of “direct-to-consumer video service” that “people familiar with the company’s plans say... is expected to debut next year.” Read More >>

Microsoft Reportedly in Talks With US Retail Giant Walmart to Build Checkout-Free Stores Like Amazon Go

Even though there’s only one Amazon Go location so far, it seems the existence of Amazon’s cashier-less, checkout-free convenience store has left some of the company’s biggest competitors wondering how they, too, can get in on futuristic retail. Read More >>

On Amazon’s Time
star wars
Talented Hacker Turns Amazon’s Alexa Into Lando’s Sass-Talking L3-37 Droid

One of the best parts of Solo: A Star Wars Story is Lando Calrissian’s piloting droid, L3-37, who’s been uniquely pieced together and upgraded from parts of other droids. Patrick Stefanski has essentially done the same thing to turn Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant into a desktop version of L3-37 who answers to your beck and call. Read More >>

“Alexa, Tell Everyone What New Features You Have for the World Cup”

Tomorrow is the day the World Cup kicks off in Russia, starting a month that's either going to be a blast with non-stop football action, or the most insufferable month of the past four years. I'm in the latter camp by the way, and while I'd rather ignore the World Cup in it's entirety I'm not allowed to. Because I need to bring you the news that Amazon has updated Alexa with new commands and features that will help you keep on top of everything happening in Russia. Read More >>

Fans of The Expanse May Have Annoyed Amazon Into Bringing It Back

Within hours of Syfy cancelling The Expanse, diehard fans of the space opera swarmed the internet to make as much noise as they possibly could about why the show needed to be picked up by another network. Much to fans’ delight, Amazon was listening. Read More >>

Factory Making Amazon Products in China Violated All Kinds of Labour Laws

Factory workers in China tasked with building Amazon’s popular Echo speakers and Kindle e-readers are exposed to horrendous work environments and conditions that often are in violation of Chinese law, a recent report from a watchdog group found. Read More >>

The Amazon Fire TV Cube Is Another Alexa-Powered Curiosity

Amazon Fire TV has always been one of my favorite gadgets. The Amazon Echo, as I’ve previously explained, gives me pause. So when I heard that Amazon was combining Fire TV with Alexa capabilities to create a whole new device called the Amazon Fire TV Cube, my first thought seemed peculiar: Uh oh, people are gonna love this. Read More >>

Amazon’s Going to Start Showing Premier League Football From Next Year

By most accounts, Premier League football is the most popular spectator sport in the world. Matches from the UK get sold all over the world, and even here at home Sky and BT are wiling to shell out billions for the rights to broadcast matches. For a while rumours have spread about Amazon and Facebook trying to get into the Football streaming business, and now those rumours are coming true because it's been announced that from 2019 Amazon will show 20 Premier League games a season for three seasons. Read More >>

Couple Who Scammed Amazon Out of More Than £895,000 in Electronics Sentenced to Nearly Six Years in Prison

Back in October, Gizmodo reported that a couple in the US state of Indiana had been charged for relieving $1.2 million (£895,400) worth of merchandise from Amazon. The US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Indiana yesterday sentenced husband and wife Erin and Leah Finan to nearly six years in prison each. Read More >>

Suspiria’s First Trailer is Exactly How Terrifying All Horror Movies Trailers Should Be

What is it about dance companies that makes them the perfect subject matter for horror movies? Read More >>

Judge Says Amazon Not Liable for Selling Exploding Hoverboards

A judge in Tennessee this week found that Amazon isn’t liable for the millions of dollars in damages caused by an exploding hoverboard that was sold through the company’s website. Read More >>

Amazon is the Latest Company to be Sued Over Gig Economy ‘Self Employment’

The gig economy has been lauded as a way for people to earn money with the flexibility to work their own hours and be their own boss. Or at least that's what the companies that use gig economy workers claim. The likes of Uber and Deliveroo have been regularly criticised for their attitude to so-called 'self employed' gig economy workers, with regular accusations claiming this employment status is to avoid paying staff fair wages and offering statutory benefits. Now Amazon is the latest company to come under fire. Read More >>