Apple Finally Lets You Buy Amazon Prime Movies on iPhone and Apple TV

Apple appears to be loosening up its policies around in-app purchases that have come under fire from third-party services and antitrust regulators over what’s come to be known as the “Apple tax.” An agreement between Apple and Amazon will now allow users to purchase movies and TV shows from their iPhone or Apple TV – something that Apple’s 30 per cent cut policy previously made a gigantic pain in the butt. Read More >>

Amazon is Letting You Download a Bunch of Kindle Books for Free and Has Slashed Kindle Prices

Amazon is once again doing its bit to help us all stay sane during lockdown, by offering a range of eBooks for kids and grown-ups alike to download for free. Read More >>

Our Favourite Gadgets to Use When Stuck at Home

With a third of the global population on lockdown, people are left to their own devices – literally – to keep some sanity. Read More >>

Amazon ‘Bug’ Was Hiding Products That Would Have Shipped Faster Amidst Covid-19 Delays

Amazon is now delaying the shipment of nonessential items through Prime by up to a month as the company struggles to meet the heavy demand of orders it’s experiencing amid shelter-at-home and self-isolation orders put in place to mitigate the spread of covid-19. But following this change, Amazon has evidently been burying results for nonessential items from rival sellers on its marketplace who could have shipped items faster and even at lower prices. Read More >>

U.S. Lawmakers Demand Amazon Gets Serious About Worker Safety Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Following several alarming reports about Amazon’s meagre response to the Covid-19 pandemic, U.S. lawmakers are demanding answers regarding how the richest corporation in the world plans to keep its employees safe. Read More >>

‘The Human Brain is Just Not Meant to Process This Much Extreme Change’

Welcome to Sick Days, a series documenting how jobs are changing during the coronavirus pandemic, as told by workers themselves. This week, we hear from an Amazon worker in one of the company’s many delivery stations, an out-of-work Waymo operator, a psychotherapist who has moved to telemedicine, and more. Read More >>

Unplug Your Smart Speakers While You’re Working From Home

Whether you just started working from home or have been for a few weeks now, it’s a good idea to turn off your smart speakers sooner rather than later; your Alexa or Google Home could be listening in on all those confidential work calls. Smart home devices not only listen to us when we don’t want them too, but we have no idea when an Amazon or Google employee is also listening to those conversations for the sake of ‘improving voice-recognition features.’ Read More >>

amazon echo
10 Cool Features That Make the Amazon Echo Show Worth the Upgrade

If you bought an Amazon Echo Show for the built-in display, you might be wondering how to make the most of it. Read More >>

Amazon Says Medical Supplies and Household Staples Will Take Priority Over Third-Party Fulfilment

Amazon will stop independent third-party sellers on its platform from selling anything but medical supplies and household staples in the European Union and the United States. Amazon made the announcement to sellers through an email sent this morning and mentioned that “other high-demand products” will also be allowed. Read More >>

Google Asks All U.S. Staff to Work From Home as COVID-19 Spreads

Google has asked all of its North American employees – well over 100,000, counting all those working under parent company Alphabet, and a similarly massive number of contractors – to work from home due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

Amazon Will Sell Its Cashless Go Technology to Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

Amazon and its intrepid CEO, Jeff Bezos, haven’t made any secret of their push to dominate other industries. Space travel? Sure! Healthcare? Why not? Real estate? I... guess? Read More >>

Big Tech Will Pay Its Hourly Workers Even as Full-Time Staff Stays Home During Coronavirus Outbreak

Various big tech companies announced this week that they will continue to pay hourly employees that provide their offices with much-needed services, such as food catering, security and cleaning, even as an increasing number of tech giants ask their full-time employees to work from home to contain the novel coronavirus outbreak. Read More >>

Amazon and eBay Are Trying to Stop Australians From Exploiting Coronavirus Fears and Price Gouging Toilet Paper

The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 has brought out the worst in many Australians and on sites like Ebay and Amazon, it's really showing as people continue to panic buy toilet paper of all things thanks to coronavirus. Looking to make a quick buck during the artificially created crisis, dozens of listings on the sites are selling toilet paper and other coronavirus-related products for exorbitant prices. Read More >>

The World Health Organization’s Making TikToks to Tackle Coronavirus Misinformation

On Friday the World Health Organization took the fight against online health misinformation to TikTok, the same day it elevated its coronavirus threat assessment to the organisation’s highest possible level. Read More >>