Amazon Killing Ads for Unprofitable Items Is Its Latest Ruthless Money-Grab

Looking to boost its already massive profits, Amazon is reportedly hitting vendors of unprofitable items where it hurts: their ads. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Light-Up Kindle Costs Just £70

Amazon's just unveiled its latest Kindle, and it's a bit of a bargain. Read More >>

Spend Over £25 Today and Amazon Will Give you £5 Off

If you have an Amazon order to get in before midnight tonight you might want to pay attention. For today only you can get yourself £5 off any purchase over £25, provided what you want is sold or dispatched by Amazon EU. In others words buying from Amazon directly, and not from a third-party selling via Amazon's website. All you have to do is add the code BIGTHANKS during the checkout process, and you'll save yourself a whole fiver. Read More >>

Amazon Pulls Books Peddling Toxic “Autism Cures”

Amazon has pulled two books peddling pseudoscientific “autism cures” that promote giving children potentially toxic chemical baths and medication for mercury poisoning. Read More >>

Report: Amazon Warehouses Called Emergency Services for Mental Health Crises At Least 189 Times in Five Years

E-commerce giant Amazon has long been reported to be an unpleasant place to hold down a job. Article after article has relayed claims of an ultra-competitive workplace culture, employees being treated like soulless robots, sweatshop-esque performance requirements, and long hours of monotonous work. That includes mandatory seasonal overtime that some workers have said sometimes results in injuries. Read More >>

Why Amazon is Taking a Leaf Out of QVC’s Book

Last year, I wasted three hours of my life watching a teleshopping channel try to shift a middle-of-the-road budget smartphone as if it were the second coming of Jesus. Somehow ‘not watching teleshopping channels’ didn’t manage to make my list of New Year’s resolutions, because here I am in 2019 watching a woman pretend to be surprised by a light bulb. Read More >>

James May is Getting His Own Amazon Series

The Grand Tour wouldn't be the same without James May (just ask Top Gear). So the news that he's off on his own for a new Amazon Prime Video series might sound worrying – until you find out that he'll still be back in time for season four. Read More >>

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings Series Confirms Its Setting, in the Vaguest Sense Possible

Last week, Amazon started quietly teasing just where its massive Lord of the Rings TV show would take place in the Middle-earth timeline. Now, the speculation has been confirmed: We’re heading back into the Age of Númenor. Read More >>

amazon echo
Amazon is Discounting 4 Echo Devices for a Week

Amazon is running some discounts on the Echo line of devices in the UK, starting today and running until 9am on Wednesday the 13th of March. Read More >>

Amazon May Finally Have to Start Paying Taxes (in France)

A newly unveiled French tax proposal targets American internet companies like Amazon, a company notorious for paying low taxes in the UK and elsewhere on massive annual profits. Read More >>

Amazon Appears to Yank Anti-Vaxxer Documentaries From Prime Video Streaming

Following an open letter from American politician Adam Schiff calling on Jeff Bezos to curb the promotion of anti-vaccination content and videos on Amazon, it appears his website has done just that. Read More >>

carbon dioxide
Etsy Will Offset 100 Per Cent of Carbon Emissions For Posting Its Purchases

The rise of shopping online means lots of products are constantly moving around the world, which can have significant impacts for climate change. Read More >>

Amazon Discontinues Dash Buttons

We're kind of surprised they lasted 2.5 years (and even longer in the US), but Amazon has pulled the plug on Dash Buttons. Read More >>

US Government Rules Against Fake Amazon Reviews in Landmark Case

In the first case of its kind, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took action against a diet pill seller for both making false claims and paying to juice their standing on Amazon with fake positive reviews. Read More >>

Amazon’s New Plan for Fighting Counterfeit Crap Is Letting Brands Deal With It

Fake products aren’t a new headache for Amazon, but now the tech retailer is shifting its strategy on how to deal with them. In a blog post today, Amazon announced it will allow individual brands to directly remove counterfeit products themselves. Read More >>