NOS4A2 is Back to Be Weirdly Obsessed With Christmas Again in This New Teaser

If Dracula has taught us anything, it’s that evil vampires have a really hard time staying dead. It just doesn’t stick. So, of course Charlie’s back. Call it a Christmas miracle. Read More >>

The Walking Dead, That Was One Goofy-Ass Episode

With the Whisperer War about to reach its bloody zenith and everyone’s lives on the line, The Walking Dead apparently isn’t afraid to let things get weird first. And the assault rifle-toting ray of sunshine who made her debut last week was only the half of it. Read More >>

Even Decapitated, Alpha’s Still a Major Threat on The Walking Dead

Alpha may be dead, but the leader of the Whisperers hasn’t quite finished her reign of terror. Come on, did you guys really think it was going to be that easy? Read More >>

The Walking Dead Had a Badass Fight But the Rest Was Nonsense

After last week’s crummy mid-season premiere, I didn’t expect The Walking Dead to give us its best fight sequence in years last night. I also didn’t expect most of everything else that happened in the episode, because it was all very odd – but at least it was odd enough to be entertaining. Read More >>

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A New Walking Dead: World Beyond Trailer Hits the Road and Fights Some Zombies

Imagine the zombie apocalypse was all you knew. Your parents may remember a time when society was normal, but for your generation, the zombies are normal. In recent years, that’s become one of the more interesting ideas on The Walking Dead, and now it’s the subject of its own show, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Read More >>

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The Return of The Walking Dead Looks More Like an Ending

When last we left some of the biggest characters on The Walking Dead, they were pretty much screwed. It appears not much will have changed when the second half of season 10 picks up this weekend. In fact, things are only getting worse. Read More >>

Half of Last Night’s Walking Dead Was Fantastic, the Rest Was a Saved by the Bell Episode

And if that craziness doesn’t make you want to check out this damn show again, I don’t know what will. Read More >>

This Walking Dead Season 10 Promo is Absolutely Killer

If you like people gracefully moving around in slow motion, and zombies, do we have the video for you. Read More >>

The First Teaser for the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff is as Inscrutable as Everything Else About the Untitled Walking Dead Spinoff

To be fair to AMC, I guess it is understandable that a show we don’t even have a name for yet gives us a first glimpse at its world that is... entirely devoid of much in the way of context or information. Read More >>

The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero Talks Creepshow and Its Connection to His Lifelong Love of Horror

Horror anthology film Creepshow has become a horror anthology TV show, thanks to AMC's horror streaming service Shudder and The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero. Details on the six-episode series have been trickling in since the series was announced, but now there’s a trailer – and at Friday’s Comic-Con panel, we got details galore from showrunner Nicotero and the other big names he brought with him to the stage. Read More >>

SDCC’s Fear The Walking Dead Trailer Brings a Documentary to the Apocalypse, and More Walking Dead Spinoff News

With Fear the Walking Dead currently in the middle of its vastly improved fifth season, you had to wonder, what could the people involved with the show bring to San Diego Comic-Con to really get the fans excited? The answer is, a lot. Read More >>

The Suitably Terrifying Trailer for Shudder’s New Creepshow Anthology Series Is Here

Back in 1982, the twin powers of George A. Romero and Stephen King teamed up for Creepshow, a gruesomely funny anthology film packed with five (six, if you count the frame story) tales of terror. Now, horror streamer Shudder has a 12-story, six-episode TV series on the way from The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero – and the first trailer has arrived, with a confirmed release date to boot. Read More >>

It’s a Cold Day in Hell on The Walking Dead Season Finale

After last week’s excellent “The Calm Before,” you might expect the season nine finale, titled “The Storm,” to bring the storm. It does, in the form of a massive blizzard the likes of which we have never seen on the show, which puts everyone in danger. But compared to last week’s shocker, “The Storm” was a low-key but compelling check-in with the characters before season 10 — and another reminder of just how much the show has improved over this last year. Read More >>

Last Night’s Walking Dead Was Shocking, Savage, and Utterly Spectacular

Guys, I haven’t been this stunned by an episode of The Walking Dead in so long. I mean, I was pleasantly surprised when a zombie knifed Jesus, I’ve enjoyed the wackiness of the Whisperers and the Highwaymen, and I’ve loved the bizarre way Rick was taken off the show. But last night’s episode was just fantastic — and it had an ending so shocking my jaw literally dropped. Read More >>

The Walking Dead’s Big Secret Has Been Revealed, and It’s Brilliant

Ever since the seven-or-so-year time jump earlier this season, viewers of the venerable zombie series have wondered what the hell happened between Rick’s departure and the present that led to the breakdown between the various communities and turned Michonne from someone trying to honor Carl’s vision of hope into a hardass willing to let anyone suffer as long as her own people are safe. Now we have the answer, and oh man. Oh man. Read More >>