So Just How Powerful Are Apple’s New Laptop Chips Gonna Be

Apple officially confirmed in its WWDC keynote yesterday that, yes, it would be using its own processors in its laptops and desktops. Not a terribly surprising announcement considering the rumour mill had been churning for months prior to that, but it’s nice to have Apple formally acknowledge the existence of its A12Z Bionic computer processor. What Apple didn’t reveal, though, were specs. No core count. No clock frequency. No TDP. Just a few, quick demos of 4K videos running side-by-side and Shadow of the Tomb Raider running via Rosetta 2 on Apple’s next macOS, Big Sur. It all looked nice, but nothing pointed to how powerful Apple’s chips will actually be. Read More >>

Leaked Benchmarks Suggest Next Surface Laptop 4 Will Ship with AMD CPUs

At its big product showcase last autumn, Microsoft introduced the first Surface Laptop powered by an AMD CPU. But now, based on some leaked benchmarks, it appears Microsoft might double down on its use of AMD chips in the upcoming Surface Laptop 4. Read More >>

The First Gaming Laptop With AMD Inside Looks Great, Runs Great, But Gets Very Hot

In a world dominated by gaming laptops that look like race cars or alien space ships, the Asus ROG Zephrus G14 eschews that stereotypical look. The flashiest lights come from an optional LED matrix display on the lid (ours came without). The whole thing is a massive departure from those hefty black bricks festooned in RGBa, and yet it’s one that my gothic, all-black loving heart loves. But while the Zephyrus G14 has the right looks, and can even best Intel’s mobile Core i9-9980HK in several workload types, it has one serious underlying issue: it gets HOT. Read More >>

AMD Is Sticking With Its AM4 Socket and That’s Great If You Want to Build a PC

It’s a small thing that only people building and upgrading their own PCs will appreciate but to the delight of AMD enthusiasts, the company recently announced that it would make its future Zen 3 architecture compatible with the older X470 and B450 motherboards, and it would be sticking with its AM4 socket too. Initially, the company said its future CPUs would be compatible with only X570 and B550 motherboards and higher, while still keeping the AM4 socket, at least for one more generation of processors. Either way, AMD has made good on its 2016 promise of continuing support the AM4 socket through 2020, and likely into 2021 at this point. But how much longer can AMD use the same socket, especially when Intel has shown less inclination to do the same? Read More >>

Dell’s New G5 15 SE Laptop Could Give Us a Preview of the Sony PS5’s Power

Four months after AMD announced SmartShift, we’re finally getting a taste of the new technology that will feature in a whole lot of gaming laptops going forward – as well as Sony’s PS5 later this year. Today, Dell launched the G5 15 SE, a new laptop equipped with the brand new Ryzen 4000 series CPU and the Radeon RX 5600M GPU, and, for the PS5 nerds, SmartShift. Read More >>

AMD’s New Budget Processors are Magnificent Little Beasts Worth Every Penny

What exactly will just £100 get you in a desktop CPU? A lot. If I wanted to build a new rig on a budget, and I wanted to do it sooner rather than later, I could buy either AMD’s Ryzen 3 3100 or Ryzen 3 3300X and know I’m getting a solid deal. They perform flawlessly out of the box and pack a surprising amount of power for the lowest end of Ryzen desktop CPUs. AMD has finally taken the Ryzen 3 out of budget purgatory. Read More >>

AMD’s Newest Processors are Super Cheap and Could Give You One Major Edge Over Intel

AMD has finally announced it’s adding super affordable Ryzen 3 desktop processors to its 3rd generation line-up, plus a new B550 chipset that supports PCIe 4.0. Based on AMD’s latest Zen 2 architecture, the Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X are Intel i3 competitors designed to handle both work productivity loads and gaming at a 1080p resolution with graphics on high, the best of both worlds for anyone building a desktop on a super tight budget. The 3100 will cost $100 and the 3300X $120. Both should be available starting May 21, 2020. UK pricing isn't available, but we'd anticipate them to be around £100/£120. Read More >>

PS5 and Xbox Series X Code Stolen From AMD and Briefly Put on Github

Yesterday AMD issued a statement regarding IP stolen in December 2019, but details of what was stolen or who stole it was scarce. Now AMD has filed multiple Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) take-down notices against GitHub to get its GPU source code removed from the website, which GitHub immediately complied with. Read More >>

AMD Is Finally Taking on Intel With Gaming Laptop CPUs

Intel could finally see some competition in the laptop gaming space. This week, AMD announced the addition of the Ryzen 9 4900HS and Ryzen 9 4900H processors to its mobile lineup. Based on the company’s 7nm Zen 2 architecture, they will take on Intel’s Core i9 laptop line. Like the company’s Ryzen 9 desktop processors, this latest addition to the AMD processor family comes with the high-end gaming and content creation demographics in mind. AMD first announced its new series of mobile processors at CES 2020. Read More >>

AMD’s Ray Tracing Looks Great on the Xbox Series X, but It’s Based on Nvidia’s Code

We’ve known for a while that Microsoft’s next-gen console, Xbox Series X, will include ray tracing, but we haven’t seen what it will look like until now. In a blog post yesterday Microsoft gave the most spec-heavy details about the new system yet. However, a deep dive by Digital Foundry provides a closer look at what the AMD GPU inside the Xbox Series X, powered by next-gen RDNA 2 architecture, can do. Read More >>

CES 2020: AMD Finally Seems Serious About Laptops

Since AMD launched Ryzen back in 2017, there’s been a constant refrain from AMD and press alike: the company is going to challenge Intel in the CPU space and help drive down prices and increase innovation. With the announcement of the Ryzen 4000 mobile series, it feels like AMD is finally – finally! – taking on Intel. “It’s the best mobile processor ever built,” claimed AMD CEO Lisa Su at today’s press conference in Las Vegas. Read More >>

ces 2020
Here’s What to Expect From CES 2020

Because each individual day of 2019 felt like it stretched on for 100 years, you would absolutely be forgiven for forgetting that the largest technology show of the year immediately follows the start of the new year. But readers, the Consumer Electronics Show is happening – mere days from now, in fact – which means that the Gizmodo staff will be heading to Sin City to cover the conference’s most innovative, peculiar and covetable tech at the event. Read More >>

The Most Disappointing Gadgets of the Decade

For every major leap in technology, there have been plenty of face plants, ill-advised cash grabs, and just plan bad tech. So here are the gadgets and technology that absolutely screwed the pooch. Read More >>

Apple and Nvidia Are Over

The last vestiges of Nvidia and Apple’s long-term relationship are ending shortly. On Monday Nvidia published the release notes for the next update of its Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) platform and noted that “CUDA 10.2 (Toolkit and NVIDIA driver) is the last release to support macOS for developing and running CUDA applications.” That means all future versions of CUDA will lack support for Apple devices, which could leave a decent share of the pro community, as well as the hackintosh community, without support for the most popular discrete GPUs being made at the moment. Read More >>

Microsoft and AMD’s Surface Laptop 3 Is Something Special

The 15-inch Surface Laptop 3 might be one of the most portable 15-inch devices I’ve ever used. It’s thin, it weighs just 3.4 pounds, it has a big 15-inch display, and somehow it manages to be pretty powerful to boot. I’ve rarely used a laptop this big that feels so small when transported from home to office, or even just around the house. It’s absolutely excellent. It’s also the first premium device in years to rely on an AMD processor instead of an Intel one. AMD and Intel have both made a very big deal about this partnership, and having used the Surface Laptop 3 for almost a week, I understand their enthusiasm. Read More >>