Trump’s UK Visit May Be Moved From London to Birmingham

Ah, the West Midlands. Home to many things: canals, the Black Country, a bull made entirely of jelly beans. It's also a Brexit stronghold, with some of the highest percentages of Leave voters in the whole of the UK. Read More >>

Fold-Up Smartphone Gun To Go Into Production Within Months

In a development that sounds like a South Park storyline, a fold-up gun designed to look like a smartphone will be going into production in March of this year. Ideal Conceal is a .380-caliber double-barrelled derringer pistol the shape and size of an iPhone, supposedly designed to prevent children being scared by guns that look like guns in the US's open carry states. Because a gun that looks like something literally everyone has in their hands is way less frightening, right? Read More >>

Cadillac Has a Very Fancy Car Subscription Plan For Very Wealthy People

At some point, somebody at Cadillac asked themselves what they could do to make the lives of the wealthy even easier. The answer they came up with, it seems, is BOOK by Cadillac. Read More >>

Escaping Americans Crash Canadian Immigration Site

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada web portal is taking ages to load right now and was offline for large chunks of this morning, with the outage most likely to have been caused by anxious liberal Americans inadvertently DDoS-ing it by seeing if they're allowed to move there permanently this afternoon if they print out the forms and get a passport photo taken right away. Read More >>

Eerie Images of America’s Abandoned Amusement Parks Will Haunt You

Certain parts of the US have teetered into decline. Places designed to bring joy are now rotting quietly, wrapped in weeds. Seph Lawless, an artist and chronicler of all things ruin-related, recently visited several of these abandoned amusement parks. He returned with some pretty creepy pictures. We’ve got a gallery. Read More >>

north korea
American Swims to North Korea to… Criticise America

A 29-year-old American swam across a river to enter North Korea illegally, before avoiding prosecution and death squads by slagging off America in front of his guests. Read More >>

One Reason the US Isn’t Destroying all Nukes: Killer Asteroids

Among the few apocalypses worse than nuclear annihilation, asteroid impact has got to be near the top of the list — at least if Hollywood's depictions are any indication. The American public, and world at large, has at least one agency defending it against errant space rocks: the exact same agency that's supposed to be stopping thermonuclear war in the first place. Read More >>

monster machines
SeaRAM Outfits the US Navy’s Favourite Gatling Gun With Homing Missiles

Shockingly, there are some instances where the US Navy's Phalanx Close-In Weapons System's (CIWS) red hot wall of 20mm tungsten isn't enough to neutralise incoming threats—like against fast moving anti-ship cruise missiles. For times like those, America's Navy relies on the Phalanx's bigger, badder, rocket-propelled brother: the SeaRAM. Read More >>

monster machines
America’s First Floating Gun Battery is Older Than the Nation Itself

Nothing jumpstarts technological development like a good war. WWII gave us UAVs, WWI introduced tanks, and the French-Indian War produced a unique gun battery — more cannon flotilla than warship — the radeau. Read More >>

How Did a Computer Glitch Inform Thousands of Dead American Men to Register for the Draft?

Thanks to a computer glitch, the US' Selective Service System recently reminded over 14,000 men born between the years of 1893 and 1897 to register for the draft. This was a silly thing to do since the youngest of these men is 117 years old and surely not battlefield-ready. America! Read More >>

48 American Flags That Came Before Today’s Stars and Stripes

This week the masters of encyclopaedic graphics, Pop Chart Lab, rounded up 48 different iterations of the American flag spanning 247 years of history. Working backwards, these flags are familiar: the phalanxes, stars, and circles of the 19th century feel fairly similar to the modern-day flag. Read More >>

Here’s How all 50 US State Flags Would Look as App Icons

Flat design is everywhere these days, almost to the point of parody. Now, even US state flags have been given a flat makeover, courtesy of a creative agency based in Washington D.C. The result is a set of pretty flags that basically look like the state flags turned into app icons. Read More >>

What Would Change if Politicians Wrote Laws Based on Internet Polls?

A new American political party, designed by software devs and engineers, is joining the race in California. If elected, PlaceAVote's Congressional candidates vow to decide on every bill based on the majority vote of their constituents—as measured via online polling. Could that sort of direct, digital democracy improve how politics works? Would it make governments more dysfunctional? (Is the latter even possible?) Read More >>

monster machines
These Doomsday Planes Protect Heads of State When Disaster Strikes

In the event of a nuclear strike on American soil, they're going to be in a little bit of trouble. But at least we'll die safe in the knowledge that the valiant leaders of their nation—or any yahoos lucky enough to be in office at the time—will be escaping the nuclear holocaust in a fleet of environmentally-impervious airborne command centres. Read More >>

Man Supposedly Bins £300k in Gold to Spite Ex-Wife

Angry American man Earl Ray Jones claims to have converted $500,000 of his life savings into solid gold and then binned the lot, in an effort to stop his wife getting anything out of him in their future divorce settlement. Remember to burn your house down too, Earl, and have the pets and children put to sleep. Read More >>