Inside the Ghostly Remains of Budapest’s Condemned Amusement Park

After several years of financial difficulties, the Amusement Park of Budapest, the largest amusement park in Hungary, was closed on 30 September, 2013. Today I had a chance to take a walk among its remains. Read More >>

A Hand-Built Amusement Park in the Middle of the Italian Forest

A documentary called Ai Pioppi, released by Fabrica and written by Luiz Romero, documents the incredible story of Bruno, an Italian restaurateur who, in his spare time, is hand-building an entire amusement park in the woods. Read More >>

The Cabin In The Woods Cabin Is Gonna Exist, and It Sounds Terrifying

If you didn't see Cabin In The Woods, that was stupid of you. It's really great. Scary, meta and pretty gutsy. And like all good things, well okay like all things, its brilliance is being exploited for a theme park attraction. But it sounds awesome. Some sort-of-not-really spoilers lay ahead... Read More >>