Google’s Live Action Caption Feature Is Rolling out the Pixel 4 at Launch

Google's live caption feature is coming soon, exclusively on Pixel 4. Read More >>

android 10
Android 10 Hides Third-Party Navigation Gestures

If you don’t want to do gesture navigation the Google way in Android 10, it’s going to become much harder. Read More >>

Dark Mode Is for Suckers

Dark mode is everywhere. Apple’s newly released iOS 13? Dark mode. Android 10? Dark mode. Windows 10, macOS Mojave, Chrome, Firefox, Gmail, and Slack – blessed, healing dark mode. It’s the must-have feature for the dim days of 2019, its spread eliciting a collective gasp of ecstasy at every new iteration as if black text on a white background is some deep injustice from which we’ve long yearned for a sweet release. Read More >>

OnePlus 7T Review: A Refreshing Reset of Expectations

From its humble start making “flagship killers” in 2014, OnePlus has become one of the fastest-growing smartphone makers, ranking in the top five globally and overtaking brands like Sony, HTC, and even LG – the same companies OnePlus once sought to take down. However, as OnePlus has grown, so too has the price of its phones, from £230 for the original OnePlus One to £800 for the top-spec OnePlus 7 Pro. With the new OnePlus 7T, OnePlus is using its latest handset as a chance to reset expectations when it comes to how we judge good performance and value. Read More >>

Android 10 Is Starting Its Rollout on the OnePlus 7 Series

OnePlus has confirmed that Android 10 is in the process of landing on its 7 series of smartphones ahead of the 7T's launch. Read More >>

Maybe Don’t Let Facebook Track Your Location in iOS 13 and Android 10

With the arrival of iOS 13 and Android 10, Facebook is preemptively warning users that location settings are about to change and it’s surely just trying to help you out. Read More >>

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17 Things You Can Do in Android 10 That You Couldn’t Do Before

It’s here! Android 10, once known as Android Q, is finding its way to Pixel phones, the Essential phone, and other handsets just as soon as manufacturers give the all-clear. When you get Android 10 on your device, these are the new features and goodies you can start playing around with. Read More >>

Android 10’s New Features Are Useful (But A Bit Boring)

If you managed to avoid the news yesterday, Android 10 has been unleashed on the general public. Well, to be precise, a portion of the general public. Google Pixel owners can now update their devices with the rest of the Android crowd being able to get their sweaty palms on it before the end of 2019. But to entice you to upgrade, here are some the features we think are reasonably cool. Read More >>

Android 10 Has Officially Arrived To Upgrade Your Life

Google has announced Android 10 is rolling out to Pixel phones from September 4 with other devices due to receive the update by the end of the year. The update is one of Google's most anticipated yet so here's what Pixel owners can expect from the update. Read More >>

If Google Hadn’t Ditched the Dessert Names, Android Queen Cake Would Be Launching Next Week

It turns out that Android 10 wasn't originally intended to have such a shit name after all. And yet here we are regardless. Read More >>

Android 10 Drops Next Week

Last week the world was introduced to Android 10, the latest (and less sweetly) named version of the operating system. Read More >>

Android Q
Google Announces Android Q’s Full Name is Android 10, and That’s Supremely Boring

Pretty much since its third iteration, the different versions of Android have been named after some sort of sweet treat. Oreos, Pie, Jelly Beans, Honeycomb, and so on. But Android Q posed a problem, because there aren't many desserts that start with Q. But instead of picking some obscure sweet thing we may not have here, it's done the boring thing instead. Read More >>