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How to Put Together the Perfect In-Car Setup for Your Phone

When you’re on the road, your phone can be the perfect companion—as long as you’ve got it set up right. Here we’ll explain everything you need to know about the hardware and the apps you can install to get a sweet and safe in-car system up and running, powered by your phone. Read More >>

Parrot Isn’t Actually Going to Sell its Fantastic Dual-Mode Dash System

Parrot’s RNB6 promised an in-dash system that would work with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It promised a Utopia of car tech that would make any smartphone compatible with basically any car. And it still promises all those things, but only if you buy a new vehicle. Read More >>

Android Auto Preview: It’s Not Perfect, But You Want It

I was really excited when Google announced Android Auto last year. I spend a lot of time driving, and it sounded way safer and more convenient than sticking my phone to the dash. Eleven months later, I finally got to take it for a spin. The TL;DR version? I want it in my car, like, now. I bet you’d like it too. Read More >>

Now You Can Test Drive Android Auto

The first wave of truly connected cars has arrived. Android Auto is now available on its first integrated vehicle, the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. As you head to your local dealership to test drive it, you can practise talking to your car on the way: “Ok, Google...” Read More >>

Watch Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Go Head-to-Head

The team at 9to5Mac managed to get their hands on a 2015 Hyundai Sonata, a car that's particularly special in its ability to run both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay side-by-side. Thankfully, they did what every good gadgeteer should with the opportunity: an extensive comparison video. Read More >>

Google Now Gets Voice Control for Music Playback

Some Android users are starting to see a cool new Google Now capability pop up: If you've got the update, you can use "OK Google" to fast forward to the next track or pause playback. Small update, but very handy. Read More >>

Google, Not OEMs, Will Control The Android Wear, Auto and TV UI

When Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV launch this fall, they'll solve a problem that has plagued Android since Day One: an inconsistent user experience across devices. Ars Technica's Andrew Cunningham points out that unlike Android phones from different manufacturers that sport ugly custom UIs, launchers and interacting with Android on different smartwatches was exactly the same. In fact, Google's engineering director, David Burke, told Cunningham that with Wear, Auto and TV, the underlying software and interfaces will be controlled by Google, not the OEMs. Read More >>

The Race to Save Your Car’s Dashboard

Earlier this week, Google showed off Android Auto, a dashboard navigation and entertainment system powered by an Android smartphone. It's almost identical in concept to competing designs from Apple and Microsoft. For perhaps the first time, these companies have a unified vision for the future of in-car electronics. And that's the best news car buyers have heard in years. Read More >>

Android Auto Hands-On: An Automotive Life-Saver for Android Users

We human-type beings suck at using our mobile devices while driving and frequently kill and/or dismember ourselves in an attempt to pull off that stupid stunt. In an attempt to keep Android users alive to buy more Android products, Google has unveiled Android Auto. We got to play with it a bit, and we liked what we saw. Read More >>

Android Auto Turns Your Dashboard Into an Android Device

As the rumours foretold, today at Google I/O we got a first look at Android Auto. The system uses your Android smartphone as the brain for an in-dash controlling navigation, music, and a whole host of other functions. In other words, your next new car might double as an Android accessory. Read More >>