Triple Town for Android and iOS: Bad News Bears take the Match Three Puzzler Crown

Sweeping generalisation alert. The pecking order in video games goes something like this – PC gamers look down on console gamers; console gamers look down on app gamers; and app gamers look down on social media gamers. One play of Triple Town however, an iOS and Android port of the Facebook phenomenon, and all notions of sneering superiority are quickly dispelled. It's just a great game, regardless of the platform it originated on. Read More >>

The Android Takeover Rolls On: 250 Million Handsets Worldwide

Google announced today that while it might have 90 million Google+ users, it has 250 million people using its Android handsets. That's 700,000 activations per day, on average, with over 11 billion downloads from the Android market in all. Read More >>

Osmos HD on Android: The Ultimate Ambient Experience Transitions to a New Ecosystem

It's taken a while, but one of the greatest gaming apps of aaaaaaaall time has now been ported from iOS to Android. It's exciting news, not least because the trophy cabinet over at Hemisphere Games HQ is literally *groaning* under the weight of prizes awarded to Osmos. After all, why should iPhone and iPad owners have all the fun? Read More >>

Wind-up Knight for Android and iOS: Crank Him Up and Watch Him Go

It's not often a game presents you with a treatise on medieval gender politics, but that's just one of the delights Wind-up Knight has in store. On the load-screen between levels, players are presented with Pretty Princess Primer Tips like "Popular Princesses bathe daily and apply deodorant" and "Always let men speak first – it makes them feel more important". Read More >>

Only 0.6-Percent of Android Devices Have Ice Cream Sandwich Installed

It's been two months since Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) launched and the adoption rate isn't as fast as previous versions, at just 0.6 per cent. Read More >>

“Siri for Android” Released on the Android Market

This is not a real thing. Don't go crazy. The apparent version of Siri on the Android Market is, of course, no such thing, with the app simply re-branding existing Android voice functions and adding a Siri logo to Google phones. Read More >>

Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition on iOS and Android – Classic Crimewave Goes Portable

It wasn't so long ago that GTA III was the bête noire of the games industry. Hysterical tabloid headlines accused it of encouraging everything from gang violence to sexual promiscuity. To see it available in the squeaky-clean environs of the App Store is something of a surprise (but not so much with Android Market). We're reminded of that old saying; "Money Talks, Bullshit Walks". Read More >>

Android App Fire-Sale Currently Underway With Premium Apps Available For 10p

Got an Android device? Get yourself over to the 10 billion app promotion on the Android Market. Currently there are 10 pretty decent apps all available for just 10p each. Most of the apps are "Editor's Choice" award winners, with highlights including Minecraft - Pocket Edition, Fieldrunners, Great Little War Game, Asphalt 6, SwiftKey X and Sound Hound. Read More >>

Elder Sign Omens for Android and iOS: Nights at the Museum, Rolling Dice with Ancient Eldritch Horrors

With scant regard for the electricity bill, or the harm it's doing to the planet, we plan to sleep with the lights on for the next three months. Why? Because we've just had a couple of rounds with Elder Sign: Omens. By golly, this game is frightening, packed to the gills with demons, ghouls and other unspeakable fiends inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Read More >>

Duke Nukem 3D for Android: Prepare Yourself for Total Mobile Meltdown

We knew this day would come. Duke Nukem Forever might have been a bona-fide turkey on the next-gen consoles, but the source material still has its fans. Rebirthing the original classic on the Android platform, Duke Nukem 3D is proof positive that you can't keep a good ol' boy down. Read More >>

Film Rentals Now Available Through UK Android Market

Huge news for Android users in the UK today -- Google has added Movies to the UK Android Market, to go alongside the Books service it launched a few weeks ago. Read More >>