Android Nougat Is Out Today

We first learned about the forthcoming release of Android N way back in March before it even had a name. In June, we learned that the OS would officially be called Android 7.0 Nougat. Today, it finally begins rolling out to Nexus devices with an over-the-air update. Read More >>

The 2016 Nexus: Everything We Think We Know About Google’s Next Phones

While there are dozens of phones that run their own flavour of Android operating system, Nexus phones are the purest expressions of Google’s ideas. Google is preparing to launch a pair of new Nexus phones this autumn, and thanks to rumours and leaks we’ve already got a good idea of what they’ll look like. Read More >>

An Android SVP Seems to be Trolling us All With Incessant Nutella Teases

Neatly highlighting just how dull and predictable the world of consumer electronics has become, the debate over the name of the next version of Android continues to rage on, with Nutella appearing to be the people’s choice. Read More >>

Google Says It’s Just Too Hard to Come Up With a Name For Android N

Nougat. Nutter Butter. Nutella. Nope. Google just can’t think of a good “n” name for the latest version of Android, so Google wants us to come up with it. What? Google wants us to search for something? Read More >>

Android Finally Redesigns Its Emoji to Be Less Creepy

Android’s emoji are known for being just awfully designed. It’s not just a matter of style—in some cases they’re so different from other platforms that they can lead to some serious misunderstandings. The latest developer build of Android N reveals that Google is finally making its emoji look more human. Which is good, because what the fuck were those weird things supposed to be? Read More >>

Here’s How to Vote For Your Favourite Android N Name

Nougat? Nutella? Nectar? Nerds? Neapolitan? Nut roll? Google is quietly asking Android users to vote for what they think Android N should be called. Here’s how to get your suggestion in: Read More >>

A Gif Guide to Android N: The Beginning of Something Great

On Wednesday, Google launched Android Beta, a programme designed to give developers (and other Android obsessives) a look at what’s next for the world’s most popular mobile operating system. For now, that means people can use the programme to try Android N, the newest (and unreleased) version of Android. Read More >>

Google Surprises Everyone With Release of Android N Preview After Images Leak

For a brief moment, Ars Technica published a detailed article listing all the new features coming to Android N. It was taken down, but not before the page got archived on sites like Reddit and other Android blogs. Here’s exactly what we learned from the leak. Read More >>

Android Nerds Are Freaking Out Over Rumors That Google Is Killing the App Drawer 

On February 26th at 7:10am Google Maps published a tweet seen ‘round the world—or at least in fanatic Android circles. The tweet included a purported leak that shows a build of Android missing a critical feature: the app drawer. Read More >>

What Would YOU Name Android N?

We’re all familiar with Google’s practice of zipping through the alphabet and naming its Android operating systems after sugary treats. It’s a satisfyingly simple system, and one that invites plenty of speculation. Read More >>

Android N: Everything You Need to Know So Far About Google’s Next Mobile OS

Chances are, you haven't even been bumped up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow yet, but that hasn't stopped techie tongues from wagging all over the shop about Android 7.0. It's early days yet, but a number of not-ridiculous-sounding rumours about Google's next mobile operating system have already made the headlines, and we've gathered them all in one place. Here's all of the Android N news and rumours we've found so far. Read More >>