The Nokia 7.1 Is a £300 Budget Phone You Might Actually Want

No, this isn’t the wild bug-eyed Nokia phone with five rear cameras we’ve been hoping to see, but it’s something arguably just as important. That’s because the new Nokia 7.1 is simply a well-built phone with solid specs for a very reasonable price. Read More >>

Report: Google Puts Android Silver on Hold

Google's Android Silver program was first rumoured by Android Police back in April as a "premium sale and support" experience for users. In human speak, this means Google wanted to make Nexus-like devices with more manufacturers rather than just its one yearly release. Now that plan may be on hold. Read More >>

This is What an Android One Smartphone May Look Like

Many of Google's I/O promises are finally arriving. Earlier this week, the first few Android apps arrived on Chrome OS as part of Sundar Pichai's mission to entwine the two platforms. Now, Google's Android One smartphones appear ready for launch. Read More >>