Rumour: Samsung Pay Will Launch In The UK This Month

Bixby isn't the only feature UK users are missing on the new Samsung Galaxy S8: we've also been waiting basically forever to get Samsung Pay. But it sounds like that wait could be nearly over. Read More >>

Mastercard is Offering Free Tube Travel if You Use Android Pay

It looks like Mastercard really wants people to pay for things with their phones. Earlier this year it gave Apple Pay users the chance to use London Public Transport free of charge, and now that same offer will be available to everyone with Android Pay. Read More >>

Watch How You’ll Soon Pay Your Tube Fare With a Tap of Your Android Phone

As part of Android Pay’s arrival in the UK, Google introduced a partnership with Transport for London that will allow riders to use the app’s NFC technology for transit fares. While some cities have been testing mobile NFC ticketing, London’s a leader with system-wide mobile payments apps. (TfL riders can already use Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.) Read More >>

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Barclays Officially Snubs Android Pay in the UK

Not-at-all-predictably, Barclays has confirmed that it has no intentions of getting on board with Android Pay in the UK. It’s another kick in the delicate bits for Barclays customers, who had to wait nine months for the bank to finally jump on board with Apple Pay. It was the last major UK bank to do so. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About Android Pay

Android Pay has launched in the UK, causing plenty of excitement amongst people who don’t simply like to fling their money around, but like to fling it around quickly, digitally and contactless-ly. So what’s the big deal with the payment system? Here’s everything you need to know about Android Pay. Read More >>

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Android Pay is Indeed Available in the UK

The UK launch of Android Pay hasn’t gone smoothly, has it? After Pret jumped the gun last week, Google’s social team appeared to have done the same with a hastily-deleted Twitter update yesterday. Read More >>

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Imminent Android Pay UK Launch Teased by Pret a Manger

Pret a Manger appears to have spilled Google’s beans. Pictures of Android Pay-flaunting payment terminals at a London outlet of the fast-food chain have emerged, suggesting that Google’s contactless payment service is right on the cusp of a UK launch. Read More >>

Barclays’ Contactless Mobile is an Android Pay Rival Coming Next Month

Barclays has announced the launch of its own contactless payment service for Android handsets, named Contactless Mobile, which will go live next month. It will compete directly with Google’s Android Pay, which is set to arrive at some point this summer. Read More >>

Uber’s Dropping Google Wallet Support for Android Pay Next Week

Google Wallet support will be discontinued by Uber on May 9th, with the taxi app company moving over to Android Pay. Back in March, Google announced that it would bring Android Pay to the UK “in the next few months” -- perhaps a May launch is on the cards. Read More >>

These Banks Will Support Android Pay When it Launches in the UK

Google has announced that it will bring Android Pay to the UK “in the next few months”. The service, which launched in the US last September, is essentially Apple Pay for Android users, allowing you to buy goods with an NFC-equipped device running Android 4.4 or higher, rather than a credit or debit card. Read More >>

Google Hopes Free Goodies Will Persuade You To Use Android Pay

Mobile payments, like Apple Pay and Android Pay, is a nascent technology saddled with the ambitious goal of unseating the simple, plastic-y way of paying for things. It hasn’t been going so well. Now, Android Pay is using another tactic to change people's minds—giving away free stuff. Read More >>

Android Pay Can Be Tricked Into Running On Some Phones Right Now

Android Pay should be rolling soon, but if you can’t wait for 'soon' to get here, there are ways to get the app working on your phone now. Well, kind of... Read More >>

Google’s New Hands-Free Feature Will Lets People Pay With These Magic Words

“I’d like to pay with Google.” Say that phrase at a shop’s register, and you could soon check out without even touching your wallet—or phone. It’s called Hands Free, and it comes on the heels of Google announcing its upcoming payments app, Android Pay, at I/O. Read More >>

Android Pay is Google Wallet, Upgraded

Everyone suspected that Google had a big announcement about a new payments system at I/O, and everyone was right. Read More >>