A New Reason to Not Buy These Cheap Android Devices: Complimentary Malware

Researchers at Avast Threat Labs say that more than 100 different low-cost Android devices from manufacturers like ZTE, Archos, and myPhone come with malware pre-installed. Users in more than 90 countries, including the UK, are said to be infected. The good news is there’s a fix. Read More >>

One Way Android Fragmentation Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Making apps for Android can seem kind of messy because of the big scary F-word: fragmentation. It's part of why Tim Cook might call Android a "toxic hellstew" on stage. But the dirty little secret? It's really not that bad, at least when it comes to screen size. Read More >>

Facebook Home Download Ignores Android’s Notifications

There's going to be one big difference between the downloaded Facebook Home and the one that arrives pre-loaded on the HTC First -- Notifications. The HTC First eats them all up and spews them out in the Facebook Home style, but the downloadable launcher for other phones can't intercept the standard Android news updates. Read More >>

Why Your Shitty Android Phone Won’t Get Facebook Home

So Facebook Home is coming to Android phones. But just the good Android phones. The HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Note II, with the new HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 joining later, plus the HTC First of course. That's it, that's the list. If your phone is more than a year old, no Facebook Home for you. And that's how it has to be, really. Read More >>

Huawei Brags That Its Ascend P2 Is World’s Fastest 4G Phone (But That Still Won’t Get the Punters In)

Huawei could add a waffle-maker to its Ascend P2, and I doubt even that would be enough to pull people over to its side of the phone stores. Unlike the Ascend D2 unveiled at CES, there's no 3,000mAh battery lurking here (you'll have to "make do" with a 2420 one), but there's a CAT 4LTE chipset, meaning 4G speeds can reach 150Mbps (the iPhone 5 and S3 LTE only have CAT 3, FYI). Read More >>

A Lot of Android Phones and Condoms Share the Same Name

Android phones, lovable as they may be, are idiotically named. Crap like Wildfire Incredible Sensation Vigor Touch Skyrocket Z E Pro taint otherwise decent phones. Where do Android phone makers come up with this stuff? Why from condoms! Turns out, condoms and Android phones share more than just intimate utility, they're actually named the same too. Read More >>

Eyes on Fujitsu’s Waterproof, Quad-Core Superphone Prototype

By the end of this year you could be playing with a quad-core Android phone courtesy of Fujitsu. We just played with the company's newest prototype. It's fast, but what would you do with all of that power? Read More >>

This Is My Next: This Is the Motorola 4G Atrix 2

This is a big day for Motorola, huh? This Is My Next has new details and screens for the Atrix's upcoming successor. Most importantly, their source reports it to have a lovely 4.3-inch qHD screen, an 8MP camera, and 8GB of on-board storage. Read More >>

HTC’s Sensation XE Is the First to Be Beats Audio Certified

HTC's Beats Audio deal is seeing its first fruits come forth with their Sensation update, the Sensation XE. It's sure to sound great; it even has its own pair of Beats by Dre headphones. Read More >>