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Disney Plus is Getting a Dedicated App on Philips Android TVs in Europe

Disney Plus is still not here and I'm sure you've been patiently waiting to watch the platform's exclusive shows and not pirating anything. But when it does finally drop, it'll have a convenient native TV app. Read More >>

Android TV vs Apple TV: The Best Platform for Your TV Right Now

If you want Google or Apple software running on your big screen TV as well as on your phone, you’ve got a few options: On the Apple side, the Apple TV box, and on the Google side, the Android TV platform built into sets from companies like Sony, and also showcased very well on the Nvidia Shield TV. Read More >>

Leaks Claims a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and TV Dongle are Both on the Way

Earlier this year we heard rumours that the Nividia Shield would be getting updated, though that update looked so minor it was barely worth having at all. Well it seems as though those rumours were true, because it looks as though something called the Shield TV Pro is on the way. Oh and there's a Shield dongle that sticks into the back of your TV as well. Read More >>

Leaked Slide Shows Google to Add Stadia Support, Launch ‘Hero Device’ for Android TV in 2020

Google is planning on rolling out a bevy of new features for its Android TV platform in the coming years, including its much-awaited Stadia game streaming service, according to a leak on XDA Developers. Read More >>

OnePlus TV will be a Dolby Atmos-Equipped Display with Eight Speakers

Under a month away from its official reveal, more details about the OnePlus TV have been teased courtesy of Amazon India. Read More >>

OnePlus Announces World’s Most Obvious Name for its TV

OnePlus has kept schtum about its upcoming new telly for the most part, but today, the company unveiled the name of its new smart TV, which will absolutely blow you away. The OnePlus TV. Stunning. Read More >>

The OnePlus TV Launch Is Creeping Closer and the Screen Size Options May Have Just Been Revealed

The OnePlus TV's launch is getting closer and this week we've got an inkling as to the sizes that could be available at launch. Read More >>

Here’s Everything New About Android at Google I/O 2019 (So Far…)

Android is the world’s most popular OS, but it's not just for phones or tablets. That’s because changes to Google’s flagship operating system also impact other platforms like Android Auto and Android TV too. So here’s all the new stuff coming to the Android ecosystem later this year. Read More >>

Google Pulls Photos Feature From Android TV After Bug Exposed Users

Following the discovery of a bug that showed hundreds of Google accounts as being linked to unrelated individual users, Google has temporarily shut down Photos on Android TV. The mysterious software flaw demonstrated potential privacy concerns, and the company said a fix is in the works. Read More >>

Android TV is Good Now

While often derided as buggy, slow, and not as good as alternative options like the Apple TV or even the Chromecast, Android TV has been quietly fixing a lot of its problems and adding a pile of features that make it worth a second look. Nearly five years after launch, there are a lot of reasons Android TV might be worth a second look for your living room. Read More >>

Google Made an Android TV Dongle, But it Isn’t for the Likes of You

If you want to remain within Google's ecosystem when smartening up your TV, you have a couple of options: either buy a Chromecast to control the flow of content from another device, or buy a box running Android TV made by a third party. What you can't do is merge the two and get a Google-made dongle device running something heftier than what the Chromecast has to offer. Such a device exists, but Google won't be selling it to you. Read More >>

What to Expect at Google I/O 2018 

Google’s big once-a-year developer conference kicks off Tuesday May 8. While much of Google I/O is meant to support coders and the people who create apps and software for Google’s various platforms, what gets announced at the event will impact anyone who uses Android, Chrome OS, Wear OS, or any of Google’s many first-party apps—so basically everyone. Here are the big announcements we’re expecting to see (and a few things we won’t) at Google I/O 2018. Read More >>

Did the US Communications Commission Just Reveal Google’s Next Streaming Dongle?

Google’s Chromecast devices are handy (and cheap) little dongles for anyone who wants to add streaming functionality to their TV. But since the Chromecast Ultra came out in the fall of 2016, there haven’t been any new Google-branded additions to the family. Read More >>

Battle of the TV Boxes: Android vs Apple vs Amazon vs Roku

If you’re in the market for a dinky little black box to slide under your living room TV set and pipe through some quality content, you’re in luck: there’s lots of them to pick from. All the major names now have established boxes on the market. While Gizmodo is a big fan of the Roku box and everything it can do, it’s not the only media box in town, and it might not even be the perfect box for you. So instead we compared the four major operating systems running in those boxes to help you sort out exactly which platform will best meet your needs. Read More >>

The Nvidia Shield TV (2017) is the Smart Box You Need for Your Dumb Screen

Every Tuesday afternoon, I appear on the BBC Asian Network as the regular “tech expert”, and I try to answer questions that have been sent into the show from listeners. Almost every week I’m asked for advice when it comes to buying a new TV - and almost every time, I resort to what has become my catchphrase: Buy a dumb screen, and plug something smart into it. Read More >>