TV Mosaic and DVBLink Will Add Freeview To Your Android TV Setup

As I noted when I reviewed the 2017 Nvidia Shield, an annoying problem with the way Smart TV has evolved is that there is no single box that does everything. If you have a Smart TV, if you want to ensure full coverage - think the likes of iPlayer and Netflix, as well as your own media and even video games - then you probably need to have an array of devices plugged into your telly. Read More >>

The LG G6’s Square Camera Looks Kind Of Awesome

LG has released more details of the screen, camera and UI of its upcoming LG G6 handset - and it's all about the squares. Read More >>

UPDATED: Google Is Stopping Production Of The Pixel, Says Telus

Update: Google has responded to this story - see our edit at the end. Read More >>

6 Apps to Better Secure Your Smartphone

For many of us, our smartphones carry our whole world—contacts, messages, payment information, eclectic music collection—so it’s hard to understate the importance of keeping everything safe and secure. Certain apps can make a big difference—protecting your data and securing your communications. Here are six well worth installing. Read More >>

The Guy From The ‘Get A Mac’ Ads Has Switched To Android

Everyone remembers the "I'm a Mac" "And I'm a PC" ads - mainly because they were one of the only tech ad campaigns ever to be not only not-terrible, but also actually funny. Or maybe just because somehow, there were over 60 of them. Read More >>

How to Put the Google Pixel’s Best Features on Your Phone

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL have set the bar high for the Android, but you don’t necessarily have to shill out hundreds of pounds to get a Pixel-esque feel on your handset. Quite a few of the Pixel’s features can be added to any Android phone, and here’s how it’s done. Read More >>

CSIRO: Most Mobile VPNs Aren’t Secure

If you're using a VPN app to secure your smartphone — maybe to download torrents, maybe to make your online banking a little more safe — then chances are, it's not doing what it pretends to. A paper co-authored by CSIRO's data science arm examined nearly 300 Android VPN apps and found that almost all of them leak some kind of user traffic data. Read More >>

Sony Rumoured To Be Announcing FIVE New Xperia Phones at MWC

It's been a fair while since a Sony phone made much of a splash in the hyper-competitive smartphone world, but nonetheless the OEM is apparently gearing up to release a staggering five new Xperia phones at Mobile World Congress in February. Read More >>

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How to Stop Social Media From Taking Over Your Life

In this day and age, it’s hard to live a full life without logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram every now and then. The problem is that they can become a huge waste of time. Read More >>

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How to Take Screenshots of Anything (Even When They’re Blocked)

Whether you’re showing off your video gaming prowess, trying to fix a problem, or capturing a badly-spelled tweet before it’s deleted from the web, screenshots are an essential part of our digital lives. It’s not always obvious just how to pull off a screengrab though, especially when they’re blocked by default. Here’s how to take a screenshot anywhere—even when they’re blocked. Read More >>

Is This The End Of The LG G5?

It looks like the end is nigh for LG's modular-ish Android phone, the G5. Despite being one of the more original handsets on sale in 2016, consumers just weren't excited about the possibility of swapping in overpriced and hard-to-find components, and the Android die-hards who insist on replaceable batteries didn't materialise in sufficient numbers to save the phone from obscurity. Read More >>

The Sickweather App Gives Germaphobes An Excuse Not To Go Outside

If you need an excuse to sit on the sofa and eat biscuits all day, we've found one: Sickweather, an app that shows you in real-time what nasty bugs are swirling around near you. Using the dubious methodology of scanning social media posts for self-reports of sickness, plus user reports within the app, Sickweather aggregates results on a real-time map so you can see where the illness hotspots are near you. Read More >>

Oxfam’s New App Tells You Where Your Donation Really Goes

Poverty-tackling UK charity Oxfam has launched a new app to help supporters understand where their money's going, and presumably to reassure them that it's not all being spent on execs' salaries. Given that the Guardian reports trust in charities fell last year to the lowest level since records began, that's probably not a bad idea. Read More >>

Move Your Photo Library Between Apple Photos and Google Photos (or Vice Versa)

We’re all disappearing under a virtual avalanche of photos and videos, and no one’s really sure about how to organise it all, though Apple and Google keep trying. Android and iOS both have smart photo services built in nowadays, but what happens when you want to jump from one to the other? Here’s what you need to know... Read More >>

Nexus 6 Finally Gets the Android 7.1.1 it Deserves

Google has finally got its act together regarding the older Motorola-made Nexus 6 phone and released Android 7.1.1 for the device, in a move that'll make a small pocket of enthusiasts happy for as long as it takes to install. Read More >>