We Have New Details About The Samsung Galaxy S10

Heads up, phone fans: there's been a new leak about the Samsung Galaxy S10, and it's a good'un. Read More >>

Baffling App Lets iPhone Users Talk To Each Other On The Tube

There really is an app for everything, and now there's one for talking to iOS users on the London Underground. Read More >>

This Solution to Phone Multitasking Is Either Genius or Totally Absurd

There’s a reason your computer’s home screen is often referred to as its desktop. The user interface is designed to emulate a physical desk covered in documents and tools. That analogy doesn’t work quite as well with a smartphone’s tiny screen, but this concept UI that switches apps automatically as you physically move your phone around your desk is potentially a great solution—or just ridiculous. We can’t decide which. Read More >>

Cloudflare Promises Faster Internet and More Privacy on Your Phone With New DNS App

Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched its DNS service, and now it’s available for free on iOS and Android. Which means faster, more private internet on your phone. Read More >>

We Have Our First Info About Android Q, the Foldable Phone OS

Foldable phones are well and truly happening, and Google has given us even more to be excited about with some hints about how the as-yet-unnamed Android Q will behave on the new category of device. Read More >>

The Fossil Sport Might Be a Wear OS Watch That Doesn’t Suck

I have a lot of Apple-hating friends who are always asking me: “What’s the best Wear OS smartwatch?” And I always say the same thing: They’re all bad. That said, the Fossil Sport could be the first contender for the title. Read More >>

OnePlus 6T Teardown Gives Us a Better Look at That In-Screen Camera

One of the best bits about a new phone release is waiting for the inevitable teardown video, in which someone with more money than us takes it to pieces and shows us the innards. Read More >>

OnePlus Wants You To Unbox The 6T In Silence

Apparently taking a world record for unboxings wasn't enough for OnePlus. The phone manufacturer has announced a rather strange competition for people who've bought the new OnePlus 6T: a silent video unboxing challenge. Read More >>

Android Will Soon Let You Update Its Apps While You’re Still Using Them

There was plenty of Samsung buzz coming out of two individual events this week, not the least of which included the unveiling of its yet-unnamed foldable device. Another neat reveal coming out of the Android Dev Summit, however, is a feature that will allow users to continue using Android apps while they’re being updated. Read More >>

The Red Hydrogen One Is a Phone Made for an Alternate Reality

Jim Jannard is an interesting guy. After starting a one-man business selling motorcycle parts, he decided to pivot into goggles and eyewear. Fast forward about 25 years, and Oakley had become one of the biggest sunglass brands in the world. Then in 2007, after selling Oakley for $2.1 billion (£1.6 billion), Jannard turned to his other company, and that same year, Red shipped its first 4K cinema-grade digital camera. Both companies are highly successful ventures by any definition, so for his third pivot, Jannard thought he would set his sights even higher and make a smartphone unlike anything else on the market. But this time, I think Jim may have gone a little too far because instead of making something you might want to buy, the Red Hydrogen One, with its ambitious 3D display, feels like a phone that teleported from a different dimension. Read More >>

Here’s When Honor and Huawei Phones Will Get Android Pie

Huawei has announced a date for when owners of devices still on EMUI 8.0, based on Android Oreo, can expect the upgrade to EMUI 9.0, based on Android Pie. Read More >>

Google Promises a Fix for the Pixel 3’s Biggest Issue ‘in the Coming Weeks’

With its nifty software tricks and superb camera, the Pixel 3 is undoubtedly a good phone. But it ain’t perfect, and right now, the Pixel 3's biggest issue is wonky memory management. Read More >>

The ASUS ZenFone 6 Has an Emo Notch

It's not even 2019 yet and already the Mobile World Congress leaks have started. Today we got a glimpse of what purports to be the ASUS ZenFone 6, apparently due to launch during the annual tech show in Barcelona this February. Read More >>

Delightful Google Bug Seemingly Gives Pixel 3 XLs an Extra Helping of Notches

Until Apple, Google, and the like find a way to hide front-facing cameras and sensors beneath their smartphones’ displays, notches are a hideously unfortunate design solution to maxing out screen real estate. The Pixel 3 has one of the worst notches, and making matters even worse for some Pixel 3 XL users is a bizarre bug that’s reportedly putting even more notches on their displays. Read More >>

8 Advanced Photo Edits You Can Do on Your Phone

You might already be familiar with the quick fixes you can apply to your pictures after you’ve snapped them, right on your phone—but if you want to take your mobile photo editing to the next level there are tools and apps that can help here too. Here are some advanced tricks to try and how to apply them. Read More >>