5 Calendar Apps Better Than the One on Your Phone

The calendar has to be one of the most-used apps on any smartphone—keeping track of appointments, birthdays, holidays, and more—but if you’ve stuck with the one Apple or Google gives you on your phone then you’re missing out. These are five of the best alternative calendar apps that give you something more. Read More >>

The S10’s Selfie Camera Might Have a Second Screen Over the Top

The latest in the endless rumour train on the upcoming Galaxy S10 is the news that the selfie camera – which we're expecting to be underneath a hole in the screen – may actually have a secondary, tiny display over the top to prevent interruption. Read More >>

Here’s the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lineup In All Its Glory

We've already seen the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the wild, in the hands of a hapless worker snapped using it on a bus. Now we have an official-looking photo of the whole three-phone lineup, courtesy of superleaker Evan Blass: Read More >>

Multiple Executives Reportedly Out at Snap Following Shake-Up Over Alleged Affair

Snap has reportedly ousted multiple high-ranking employees after an investigation into an alleged scandal involving its now former head of global security Francis Racioppi, the Wall Street Journal’s Maureen Farrell reported Friday. Read More >>

Navigation Apps With Millions of Downloads Exposed as Just Google Maps With Bonus Ads

One of the purported benefits of modern day app stores is to make it easier for companies to review and ensure that the software you download isn’t harmful or malicious. But with upwards of 2.1 million apps on Google Play, sometimes things slip through the cracks, which seems precisely how at least 19 different free navigation apps were found to actually be knock-offs based on Google Maps saddled with an extra layer of ads. Read More >>

8 Things You Should Be Automating on Your Smartphone

We live in an age of super-smart technology built to make our lives easier, so don’t struggle with the menial chores of the day when your phone could be doing the job for you. Here are some of the best automations you can set up on your phone, freeing you from the task and giving you more time to do something else more interesting instead. Read More >>

The LG G8 Will Have Two Connecting Screens And Won’t Cost A Fortune

The upcoming LG G8 – which will be pronounced 'Gate' in the UK whether LG likes it or not – will be made up of two screens that can be combined, says a new report from Korea. Read More >>

Someone’s Been Snapped Holding An S10 Plus On A Bus

The leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have been pouring in, but the latest one is probably going to get someone fired. Read More >>

Twitter Brings Back The Chronological Timeline For Android Users

For a long time, Twitter was one of the few social media platforms that let you look at posts in the order they happened, rather than in the order their bosses algorithm decreed. Read More >>

Samsung’s 5G-Ready S10 ‘X’ Sounds Like a Powerhouse That Will Wreck Your Wallet

By now, news has already got out about Samsung’s next Unpacked event on Febuary 20th, where we’re expecting to see all three version of the new S10 (S10 Lite, S10, and S10 Plus). But now, a new report from South Korean outlet ETNews suggests that the Samsung S10’s 5G-ready variant will sport some truly far-out hardware. Read More >>

More Samsung Galaxy S10 Rumours Give Specs, Details

Once again some new details of the Galaxy S10 have leaked, and once again we're wondering whether there'll be anything left to reveal on the 20th of February. Read More >>

Samsung Accidentally Leaked Images Of The Galaxy S10

Own Goal of the Day goes to Samsung, who managed to use the unreleased Galaxy S10 for its sample phone in an article about its new UI. Read More >>

New Patent Suggests Samsung’s Folding Phone Will Have Two Batteries

The rumour that the Galaxy Flex (or whatever it ends up called) will have a battery on either side looks like it was pretty accurate, according to new patent documents. Read More >>

CES 2019: Alcatel’s Refreshed 1X Is Going Big For a Cheap Phone

It wasn’t too long ago that any phone priced around £100 would be a complete joke. And while Alcatel’s most recent attempt at making a phone that cheap still had some hiccups, the next version of the budget-friendly 1X looks like it’s taking some big steps to fix its mistakes. Read More >>

There’s Finally A Google-Endorsed Pixel Repair Service In The UK

Google has announced a partnership with phone repair service iSmash, meaning we finally have a Google Authorised Service Partner in the UK for out-of-warranty Pixel repairs. Read More >>