What Happened to Donald Trump’s Unsecured Tweet Machine?

It’s hard to know exactly what’s going on inside the White House these days. Is Jared Kushner still pouting the corner? Probably. Is Kellyanne Conway still putting her feet on the furniture? Surely. Is Trump still eating Big Macs on silver platters while he tweets from an old, unsecured Android phone? Actually, maybe not. Read More >>

Sony Just Announced Another New Phone: The Xperia L1

It feels like Mobile World Congress has only just finished, but despite unveiling no less than four new phones there, Sony has just announced another one: the Xperia L1. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 UK Release Date and Price Announced – Pre-Orders Start Tomorrow

Samsung has this afternoon finally confirmed the launch details for Samsung's new flagship tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Read More >>

18 Ways to Make Your Online Accounts More Secure

Your existence is scattered across the internet. You likely have accounts at forums you haven’t been to in a decade, and social media services so bereft of users they resemble graveyards. And each and every one of those accounts is a potential avenue into your private life for a hacker. So you need to secure them. Read More >>

Indecisive People Rejoice: There’s an iPhone Case That’s Also an Android Phone

Have you ever been using your iPhone and found yourself wishing it was heavier and more prone to viruses? Well, have we got a gadget for you. In the same way that Reese’s Peanut Butter cups brought together too disparate worlds, the Eye Smart iPhone Case crams a whole other phone on your phone. Read More >>

Great Reminder That You Need a Malware Scanner On Your Android Phone

Cyber Security firm Check Point has found malware on 38 Android devices from two separate corporate clients. That wouldn’t be a huge surprise but what they found worthy of note was that the malware was preinstalled “somewhere along the supply chain,” according to a blog post by the company. Read More >>

How to Snoop-Proof Any Phone or Tablet

Image: Alex Holyoake/Unsplash/Pixabay
It’s likely that you’ve got details of your whole life stored on your phone—the people you know, the banks you’ve used, the videos you’ve wasted hours watching—and you don’t necessarily want that info getting out into the wider world. If you’re keen to lock down your handset against unwelcome visitors, you need to take a few steps. Read More >>

LG G6 Preorders Are Looking Strong

LG has announced that preorders for the impending LG G6 are looking good, averaging 10,000 a day in South Korea. Read More >>

Data Shows Androids Are Far More Reliable than iPhones

After analysing millions of returned phones across America, Asia and Europe, mobile diagnostics firm Blancco Technology Group has concluded that iPhones are now significantly more likely to fail than Android phones. Read More >>

Android is Coming to Nokia Phones

Today at MWC, Nokia has announced that its upcoming range of Android smartphones are going to offer the 'purest' Android experience. Designed to be secure and fast, the Finnish company promises that its devices will get monthly security updates and speedy Android software updates. Read More >>

Google Assistant is Coming to Every Device Running Android 6.0 or Above

Google Assistant launched last year as a Pixel exclusive, leaving the rest of use to wallow in the depths of peasantry with Google Now. Now, though, Google has announced it's coming to all Android devices running Marshmallow or above. Read More >>

New LG X Power2 Claims To Go A Weekend Without Charging

In its ongoing quest to produce a phone people actually want to buy, LG has announced it'll be launching a new mass-appeal handset with an enormous 4,500 mAh battery. Read More >>