People Are Reprogramming the Galaxy S8’s Bixby Button Because It’s Currently Pointless

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the prettiest phones you can buy right now, but it launched as a somewhat incomplete product. Bixby, the phone’s new digital assistant, doesn’t yet have one if its key features — voice recognition. This shortcoming wouldn’t be so obvious if only Samsung hadn’t included a new button on the side of the phone meant to launch Bixby. Thanks to some creative geekery, however, the seemingly useless button now has a purpose. Read More >>

8 Apps That Actually Make the Most of an Android Tablet

So you’ve picked up a brand new Galaxy Tab S3 or any other Android tablet and your first thought is: how am I going to make the most of this extra screen space? The general consensus is that iOS is stronger in the tablet department, but there are Android apps out there that work particularly well on a bigger screen held horizontally. There are just very few apps. Read More >>

Google’s Mind-Reading ‘Copyless Paste’, Coming Soon To Your Android Phone

Mobile phone user interfaces have come a long way, but the humble copy and paste remains fairly clunky. Voice-controlled assistants like Cortana and Siri are bridging the gap, but sometimes, you just want to take text from one app and stick it into another. And Google will start predicting what that text might be when its "Copyless Paste" arrives on Android. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Prettiest Phone Wins

With the exploding Note 7 battery fiasco, Samsung inadvertently did something that’s increasingly difficult these days: It made smartphones interesting for a flickering moment. Super interesting in fact. Besides the intrigue of the mournful saga of Note 7, whose embarrassing recall cost the company billions, Samsung also set up a dramatic release narrative for the Galaxy S8. This wasn’t just another smartphone — this was a make-or-break device charged with saving a company in the throes of an existential crisis. A smartphone that screams at the void — yikes! Read More >>

The Easiest Ways to Run Multiple Accounts from One Phone

If you use Gmail and your office uses Google Apps or you like to maintain multiple Facebook accounts, than operating on a phone can be a nightmare. Multiple logins means constant logging out of apps and then logging back in—a process that only gets more excruciating when you have two-factor authentication (and you should really have two-factor authentication). Read More >>

How to Keep Phone Notifications from Ruining Your Life

Once upon a time in the not-too-distant past, getting an email or a weather forecast popping up on a smartphone felt like magic—but now the technological novelty of these alerts has worn off. We’re growing sick of the constant interruptions. Mobile notifications are undoubtedly useful, but you need to make them smart. Read More >>

samsung galaxy s8
Yes, You Can Reprogram The S8’s Bixby Button

It's unusual to see a dedicated hardware key for anything on smartphones these days, so when the S8 was announced with a key just for its virtual assistant Bixby, everyone wanted to know if its function could be changed. Read More >>

Huawei’s New Honor 8 Pro Is Like An S8 On A Budget

Huawei brand Honor has just unveiled its shiny new smartphone, and it's a beauty. Read More >>

New Honor Smartphone To Be Unveiled Today

It might not be the biggest name in Android phones, but Huawei brand Honor has a dedicated band of fans – and they're pretty hyped for the new phone announcement coming today. Read More >>

samsung galaxy s8
Far More People Preordered The Samsung Galaxy S8 Than The S7

The numbers are in, and it looks like Samsung's got the big hit it needed in the Samsung Galaxy S8. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Big New Features Are Looting The Corpses of Its Vanquished Rivals

The tech industry is a violent place. The products on top have no guarantees that they will still be wearing their crowns tomorrow as new pretenders constantly come along and attempt acts of regicide. The Google search slayed Yahoo’s directory, the iPhone dethroned the Nokia featurephone, and Netflix currently has the entire TV industry under siege. As a result of this constant war, there are a lot of casualties - and last night a grave robbery took place. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S8: UK Release Date, Price, and Where To Get It

Finally, the S8 and S8+! The phone will finally hit the shops on 28th April - but pre-orders are available from today. If you pre-order today, you'll get your phone a week earlier - on April 20th. At launch only two colour variants will be available: Midnight Black and Orchid Grey - though Samsung says Arctic Silver could be added "in due course". Read More >>

Will UK Samsung Galaxy S8 Owners Miss Out On A Key Feature At Launch?

So the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are finally here. A dramatic new flagship handset with some big new features. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Samsung devoted plenty of time at the press event to talk about Bixby, the company's new voice/camera assistant and rival to the likes of Siri And the Google Assistant. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Is Here – But How Does It Compare to the S7 Edge?

If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in your pocket, you’ve probably spent the past few months walking around like Billy Big Bits, knowing you’re rocking the best phone money can by. Well, all that just changed. You can stop the strut, the Galaxy S7 Edge just got blown out of the water by Samsung’s latest flagship phone, the long-awaited Galaxy S8. Read More >>

The Limited Edition Midnight Black OnePlus 3T Goes On Sale Today

OnePlus is the latest phone manufacturer to release a fancypants black version of their phone, since Apple kicked off the new trend of pretending black is anything but the most boring option for your new phone. Read More >>