The 7 Settings to Change as Soon as You’ve Set Up Your New Phone

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a shiny new smartphone, you’ve worked your way through the initial setup and login process, and you’re ready to start using it in earnest. Before you start Snapchatting and WhatsApping though, check out some of the default settings Android and iOS apply for you—because they might not be exactly what you want. Read More >>

The OnePlus 5T Is a Very Damn Good Phone for a Reasonable Price

The price of high-end smartphones is out of control. The iPhone X starts at £999, while Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 retails at £869. As much as I like nice things, ponying up that much for a phone is kind of ridiculous. Do we really need a notch that lets you turn your face into an animated pile of poo, or a stylus that won’t make your rubbish stick figures look any better? Don’t fret, because it’s still possible to get a very good phone for a decent price. Read More >>

Your Android Phone Has Been Sending Location Data to Google, Even If You Opted Out

Tech companies like Google and Facebook provide services in exchange for your data. We’ve known this. But they’ve always stood by the reasoning that it’s nothing to worry about because you’re given a choice. Sometimes the choice is agreeing to a terms of service. With location tracking, Google has always made it possible to opt out, but according to a new report, Android has been forcing location tracking on you whether you like it or not. Read More >>

Huawei’s Mate 10 Pro Is a Valiant Attempt to Slay the iPhone With AI Smarts

A few months ago, Huawei passed Apple to become the second largest smartphone maker in the world, (Samsung’s number one). Yet its phones are seldom sold in any of the big carrier stores. Even when they are, they are often hidden behind a bigger brand like on the Nexus 6P. The company isn’t a known entity in the West, but that won’t stop it from releasing new phones. Its latest flagship handset, the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro, comes complete with its own homegrown silicon that Huawei claims should make its smartphone the most intelligent. It isn’t. Read More >>

Flashlight Apps Snuck Malware Into Google’s Play Store, Targeting Bank Accounts

Active on Google Play Store as recently as last Friday, a mobile banking trojan infected thousands of users who thought they were downloading games or innocent-looking apps, according to research published by a trio of cybersecurity firms. Read More >>

iOS 11 is Killing Me

Okay, look. I’m not the first person to say this, and I certainly won’t be the last. But iOS 11 is bad. The new operating system has turned my phone into a bug-infested carcass its former self, and the frustration of trying to use it sometimes makes me want to die, too. Read More >>

Here Are the 3 Biggest Upgrades on the New OnePlus 5T

As the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X push phone prices higher than they’ve ever been before, the line between flagship and midrange phones have become so blurry that those terms don’t mean much anymore. But now, OnePlus is back with an upgraded version of the OnePlus 5, and it might help us rebalance this equation. Read More >>

Android Will Finally Show You Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery

Soon, Android will finally let you monitor which apps use the most battery life on your phone. If you’re confused and thought you already had this functionality, you might be right! Some Android skins, like the one on the Galaxy S8, and some apps, like Greenify, already make it possible to detect which applications are draining your phone’s battery. However, in the next release of Android Oreo, that feature will at long come standard on Google’s mobile OS. Read More >>

34 New Features Your Favourite Apps Added That You Didn’t Notice

It’s not easy keeping up with all the features in your favourite apps, with dozens of updates pouring down from your app store of choice every week. Just in case you’re not using your apps to their full potential, here are 34 recently introduced tricks and tools that you might not have spotted yet. Read More >>

Why Other People Can’t See Your Emojis and How to Fix It

We’ve got more emojis at our fingertips than ever before, but are your friends, relatives, colleagues, and favourite chatbots seeing the colourful cartoon symbols you think they’re seeing? There are several different reasons why emojis can get lost in translation between apps, devices, and platforms, and here we’ll explain how to stop it from happening. Read More >>

10 Tricks to Make Yourself a Google Pixel 2 Master

Oh, picked up a shiny new Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL did you? Not had to return it due to screen or audio issues? Wanting to dig a little deeper into the neat features that are available on Google’s own-brand smartphone? Well, you’ve come to the right place—here are 10 tricks to do more with your Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL phone. Read More >>

HTC’s New Midrange Phone Proves the Company Isn’t Dead Yet

Even though Google recently purchased $1.1 billion (£843 million) of personnel and intellectual property from HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker isn’t dead yet. In fact, today HTC announced two new phones: the new U11 Plus and the U11 Life. But although the 6-inch U11 Plus boasts a larger 18:9 display and bigger battery, the U11 Life might be the more enticing of the two, with a price tag of just £349. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S8’s Oreo Beta Programme Just Kicked Off in the UK

Oreo has been on Google devices for a short time, and now two of the latest Samsung handsets will get access to the latest version of Android thanks to a new beta programme that just kicked off here in the UK. Read More >>

Google Wants to Beat AirPods with Software

With the Pixel 2, Google joined Apple in the race to kill the headphone jack. But you can’t kill the jack if you don’t have a solid wireless solution to fall back on. Which is why, on Tuesday, Google announced that it's doing a riff on one of the Apple’s coolest features: the seamless pairing of phones to Bluetooth headphones like the Apple Airpods. Now you should be able to pair your new Google headphones to your Android device with a tap. Read More >>

Google’s Next Android Update Could Turn Chromebooks Into Texting Machines

Chrome OS is getting there. What started out as a way to make an OS that runs well on inexpensive laptop components is slowly marching to a point where it may actually be a real competitor to Windows, macOS, and Linux. And based on a some code found in the developer preview for Android 8.1, Google’s next addition to its desktop OS could enable Chromebooks to send and receive texts. Read More >>