The First Gaming Phone With RGB Lighting Is So Silly, It’s Awesome

I’ve been waiting for this to happen for a long time, and I’m actually a little surprised it’s only happening now. But with the launch of the Nubia’s Red Magic, there’s finally a gaming phone with built-in RGB lighting. Read More >>

Google is Making Another Goddamn Messaging Service Because of Course it is

Google, apparently unsatisfied with the already incredibly long list of short-lived communications solutions that it has produced, is taking one more shot messaging. According to The Verge, the latest attempt is called Chat. Read More >>

Some Android Phones Are Hiding Missing Security Patches, Researchers Say

New phone-security research unveiled by researchers at a German hacking conference last week spells bad news for Android users. Read More >>

Google Leaks its Own Stuff, Accidentally Reveals Android P Will Have Gesture Control

There are a lot of ways information about new phones and phone software can leak, which is why they're so prevalent. What isn't as common is a company accidentally leaking its own stuff, but it happens. Case in point, Google seems to have accidentally revealed that Android P will have gesture controls similar to those found on the iPhone X. But obviously better because it's being done by Google and not Apple. Read More >>

Samsung’s Smartphone That Can’t Connect to the Internet Is Actually a Great Idea

In the mid-‘90s, public use of the internet boomed, and it’s been all downhill ever since. I mean, let’s be honest with ourselves for a second, while the internet can be used to do great things, most people would rather browse cute cat pics or sling hate speech than work on anything productive. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Do on Your Phone Before Taking a Trip

Taking a trip away from home can be good for the body and soul, but it also means you’re going to be without the safety net of your home and office Wi-Fi, and might even involve piggybacking on a different data network and living through a different time zone. Your smartphone can adapt, if you know the right tricks—which we’ll share here. Read More >>

Google’s Phone App Is Getting the Power to Send Spam Calls Straight to Voicemail

While US Congress continues to grill Silicon Valley’s most lifeless Jello Jiggler, the folks over at 9to5Google noticed that Google’s dialer app for Pixel and other stock Android phones has been upgraded with the ability to send spam calls straight to voicemail. Read More >>

Did the US Communications Commission Just Reveal Google’s Next Streaming Dongle?

Google’s Chromecast devices are handy (and cheap) little dongles for anyone who wants to add streaming functionality to their TV. But since the Chromecast Ultra came out in the fall of 2016, there haven’t been any new Google-branded additions to the family. Read More >>

All the Ways Smartphone Cameras Have Improved Over the Years

Year after year, smartphone cameras have become more capable, more versatile, and more of a reason to leave your DSLR at home. So what are the tech innovations that have made the Pixel 2, the iPhone X, the Galaxy S9 and others such good photo takers compared to that old iPhone 6 or Galaxy S5? Read More >>

This Remote Keyboard App Was So Screwed Up, Intel Killed It Instead of Fixing It

Usually when researchers find bugs in software, even critical ones, the company responsible apologises, addresses any flaws, and then puts out an update for people to download again. However, in the case of Intel’s Remote Keyboard app for Android, it seems even that is too much work for Intel. After three different security researchers found a number of severe exploits, the company seems to have decided to ditch the app altogether instead of patching the holes. Read More >>

To Combat the Notch, This Phone Revived the Slider

Just a couple days ago, rumours leaked out that Apple might try to reimagine forgotten tech like air gestures and curvy concave screens for use in a future iPhone. But now, another company is taking a different page out of history, and this time its purpose is to help fight off the incoming notch apocalypse. Read More >>

Facebook Blames a ‘Bug’ for Not Deleting Your Seemingly Deleted Videos

=Did you ever record a video on Facebook to post directly to your friend’s wall, only to discard the take and film a new version? You may have thought those embarrassing draft versions were deleted, but Facebook kept a copy. The company is blaming it on a “bug” and swears that it’s going to delete those discarded videos now. They pinkie promise this time. Read More >>

What Can Google Lens Actually Do for You Right Now

Few apps are getting as much hype from Google right now as Google Lens, which taps into the machine learning AI that Google is currently so fond of. That AI lets the app recognise all kinds of stuff through your phone’s camera, and take action on it. It’s available now through Google Photos for Android and iOS, so is it the future of phone apps? And what exactly can it do for you? Read More >>

OnePlus Please Stop Explaining Your Phone Notch

Even though the iPhone X wasn’t the first handset with a notch (please see examples A and B), after Apple added cutouts to its £1,000 phone, a lot of Android fans suddenly developed strong feeling about the whole notch trend. Read More >>

Huawei’s New Triple Camera Smartphone Could Start a Tech Arms Race

I have a friend who often likes to joke about the pointlessness of dual cameras. And even though I know his jabs are often said in jest, there’s a bit of truth in there too. I mean really, how much better is two cameras than one? Well just as we were getting used to two cameras, Chinese phone giant Huawei is kicking off a whole new race to fill the entire backside of phones with cameras starting with the triple cam arrangement on the new P20 Pro. Read More >>