Essential’s Next Phone Will Be a Wildly Different, AI-Powered Companion: Report

Making smartphones is hard, and despite having one of the best pedigrees in the business, Andy Rubin’s company stumbled out of the gate when it launched the Essential PH-1 last year. At first, the Essential Phone’s camera wasn’t great and it’s software wasn’t quite as smooth as we’d like, but thanks to continued support and a some price drops, the PH-1 turned into one of the best smartphone bargains of 2018. Read More >>

Essential Never Lived Up to Its Name, and Now It’s Reportedly for Sale

Just over one year into its endeavour to “inject passion back into smartphones,” Essential appears to be on its last legs. Bloomberg reported the smartphone manufacturer founded by Android creator Andy Rubin is exploring a sale and has scrapped plans to develop a second smartphone. Read More >>

A Normal Person’s Guide to the Essential Phone, the Most Hyped Gadget of the Summer

In the world of smartphones, the Essential Phone has been anxiously anticipated with the reverence we should probably save for Kendrick Lamar albums. Why? Andy Rubin, the creator of Android, is behind the whole thing. After ditching Google in 2014, Rubin ran off to build a bakery (YUM!), but he’s returned to the world of gadgets to “inject passion back into smartphones,” whatever that means. It’s not even out yet and people are calling his new device the anti-iPhone. Read More >>

Creator of Android Swears His New Phone Actually Exists

Andy Rubin, the guy who created Android before leaving Google in 2014 to open a bakery (among other things), swears his upcoming phone is real and has been tweeting out pics to prove it. Read More >>

Here’s Our First Look at Android Creator Andy Rubin’s Super Hyped Secret Mystery Smartphone

After months of speculation, the creator of Android, Andy Rubin, is finally showing off his company’s new products. Since leaving Google in October 2014, he has been working tirelessly on launching a smartphone that he claims could shakeup the tech industry. Today, we got our first look at it thanks to an exclusive advertisement story from the The Verge. Behold: This is Andy Rubin’s super secret mystery phone project. Read More >>

Actual Dogs Don’t Like Robotic Dogs Either

Boston Dynamics’ line of robotic dogs creep the hell out of me and any other sensible human on this doomed planet. But at least my gut call is partially justified by this probably world-first meeting of man’s best friend and man’s future downfall. Read More >>

If Artificial Intelligence Kills Us All, I’m Blaming Android Founder Andy Rubin

Andy Rubin is best known as the creator of Android. But in 2014, he left that all behind to create his own startup called Playground, a company focused on financially backing futuristic ideas that will shape our world. Today, Wired published a deeper look into Rubin’s day-to-day at Playground, and it very well be responsible for the destruction of the human race. Read More >>

Android Creator Andy Rubin Reportedly Wants to Make His Own Android Phones

Andy Rubin, who created the world’s most popular smartphone operating system, is reportedly gearing up to launch his own Android hardware startup. Andy Rubin! Making smartphones. It could happen! Read More >>

Android Co-Founder Andy Rubin Leaves Google

Android co-founder Andy Rubin is leaving Google to launch a hardware startup incubator, the Wall Street Journal reports. Read More >>

Andy Rubin is Leading a Secret Google Project to Build Robots

Andy Rubin was the man behind Android, but he stepped aside earlier this year. At the time, people suggested he was planning to concentrate on his personal interests—and now an interview with the New York Times reveals that he's busy working on a secret Google project to create a new breed of robots. Read More >>

Google’s Android Started Out as a Camera OS

Andy Rubin, the now-departed former boss of Google's Android division, has revealed that the OS was initially developed to power digital cameras, before the slump in snapper sales encouraged his team to turn it into a mobile phone system. Read More >>

Breaking: Andy Rubin Is Out at Android

Google has announced that Android chief Andy Rubin is stepping down, and will be replaced by Sundar Pichai. Pichai is currently VP of Chrome and Apps. This is a pretty monumental shakeup. Read More >>

Google: Spend More Time Talking to People, Than Asking Siri About the Weather

The head Android honcho over at Google, Andy Rubin, had a few choice words to say about the iPhone 4S' personal assistant Siri. According to Rubin, we should spend more time talking with actual people than with our phones, and that Apple's technology "isn't a new notion." Read More >>