Cuddle Up With Plush Versions of Andy Warhol’s Most Famous Artworks

Unless you’ve got hundreds of millions of pounds burning a hole in your pocket, or fancy yourself a Thomas Crown-esque art thief, you’re never going to own an Andy Warhol original. You can, however, grab these plush recreations of some of the pop artist’s most famous artworks from Kidrobot and cosy up with a masterpiece. Read More >>

Andy Warhol Was Right About the Apple Watch

There’s a line from Andy Warhol about America’s flavour of capitalism, usually summed up as “the President drinks the same Coke as you do”, and I was reminded of it by a friend on Twitter this morning in the context of the Apple Watch. Read More >>

Pop Art Legend Honoured by Retrospective Baby Buggy Roof Collection

The maker of the high-end Bugaboo child trolley for the well-heeled urban parent is about to end its collaboration with the Warhol Foundation, but not before it's stuck out one more batch of buggy sun roofs and matching tote bags covered with some of Warhol's most iconic works. Read More >>

How a Team of Nerds and Artists Uncovered Warhol’s Lost Digital Art

Retro-geeks and artists alike were abuzz last month with the news that the Andy Warhol Museum had recovered digital works of art created by Warhol himself some thirty years ago on a Commodore Amiga computer. A new documentary produced by the Carnegie Museum of Art traces the process of digital archaeology that revealed these works to the public. Read More >>

Andy Warhol’s Lost Amiga Computer Art Rediscovered 30 Years On

The Andy Warhol Museum has recovered a series of artworks created by the famed pop artist in the mid-1980s using a Commodore Amiga home computer. Newly retrieved from old floppy disks, they're now available for all to see. Read More >>

Create Your Own Broken Masterpieces with This Glitch Art Generator

Glitch art is sort of like the internet's code heavy version of graffiti. While graffiti writers climb walls to get their tag in impossible spots, glitch artists dig deep into code to create chaotic results. It used to require programming skills, but thanks to this new DIY site, just a few mouse clicks will do. Read More >>

Andy Warhol’s Limited Edition Campbell’s Soup Now Available at Your Local Shop

After sneering at us from American shelves for the past year, these special-edition Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans are finally available in UK supermarkets, for a bargainous 95p each. Anyone else planning on collecting all four colour options, gently prising the labels off, framing them, and convincing house guests they're actual Warhols? Just me? [Switched on Art via Retro to Go] Read More >>