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Why Scientists Think This Silly Bird Can’t Stop Looking at Its Reflection

We all like to admire ourselves in the mirror from time to time, but there’s a bird in Australia that seems to have developed a rather unhealthy fixation, gazing upon its reflection for hours on end while seemingly oblivious to its surroundings. It’s pretty funny, but should we be worried about this fine feathered fellow? Read More >>

Ruthlessly Efficient Trap Proves Mice are Not Very Clever

Balancing something on the edge of a bucket to make a DIY mouse trap is not a new idea. But when you use video surveillance and a dollop of evil cunning, it turns out you can optimise the automatic mouse-killing process to a scary extent. Read More >>

This 21st Century Cat Hunts For RFID-Tagged Prey

Outdoor cats get to massacre untold millions of mice per year, but indoor cats have to make do with balls of yarn and laser pointers. To try and bridge the gap, one man built a machine that would only feed his purring pal when he ‘hunts’ down an RFID-chipped plastic ball. Read More >>