Chronic Stress Makes Captive Orcas Sick and More Likely to Die Young

Diseases and premature deaths among confined orcas are linked to the tremendous stresses endured by these aquatic mammals as a result of their captivity, according to new research. Read More >>

Alligator With Knife Stuck in Its Head Seen in Lake in Texas

A Texas woman says she recently witnessed an alligator with what appeared to be some kind of knife stuck in its head swimming in a local lake, a situation she says she believes may have been a purposeful act. Read More >>

Stop Letting Your Dogs Freeze to Death, You Slithering Ghouls

The polar vortex may be chilling much of the midwest United States to the bone this week, but it’s cold as hell elsewhere too. And a dog’s place during these frigid winter months is huddled up inside with their people where it’s toasty warm. But during the last few weeks, multiple reports have surfaced of dogs freezing to death after being left outside amid record-low temperatures. Read More >>

Why Purebred Dogs Are Sick, Miserable, and Ugly

Earlier this month, the Westminster Kennel Club hosted its popular annual dog show, where canines of all shapes and sizes get to strut their stuff in front of discerning judges. Seems like harmless fun, but many purebred dogs are, or soon will be, in poor physical health—the result of an emphasis on cosmetic, and not functional, physical characteristics. Read More >>

North Korea’s Zoo Chimp Smokes a Pack a Day Because Life Is Cruel and People Are Terrible

Nineteen-year-old Azalea, a chimp who’s probably as smart as your kid, has to live in North Korea’s Central Zoo in Pyongyang. But that’s not why she’s smoking a pack a day. It’s because some arsehole trained her to use a lighter, to puff smoke, and then bow and dance for delighted families all day. Read More >>

Park Denies Allegations That it Starved Walrus After Video Emerges Online

Marineland is an amusement park in Niagara Falls, Canada. It has come under fire this week after a former employee posted a video that appeared to show one of the park’s walruses in an emaciated state. Read More >>

Brazil Shot and Killed its Own Olympic Mascot

Here we go again: a jaguar that was brought out during an Olympic torch event earlier this week was shot and killed shortly afterwards when it escaped its handlers. The local Games organising committee is now investigating the incident, but animal welfare advocates say the big cat should never have been there in the first place. Read More >>

SeaWorld Will Finally Stop Using Killer Whales… After Just a Few More Years of Exploitation

SeaWorld has this morning announced that it’s ended the practice of breeding orcas in captivity. It’ll also stop running its theatrical shows, replacing them with what it calls “natural” encounters with the animals—but only by 2019. Read More >>

SeaWorld Cancels Inhumane Orca Show, Replaces It With New Orca Show About “Conservation”

So there’s good SeaWorld news and bad SeaWorld news. The good SeaWorld news is that, after decades of criticism, the park will phase out its infamous Shamu show next year. The bad SeaWorld news is that the killer whales will just star in a new show. Read More >>