Fish Hooks Are Injuring a Shocking Number of Sharks

Observations of sharks swimming off the coast of Tahiti show the alarming degree to which fishing hooks remain attached to these marine predators. Read More >>

The Sad Truth About Floppy-Eared Bunnies

Floppy-eared rabbits, also known as lop rabbits, are more susceptible to serious ear and tooth disorders than upright-eared domesticated rabbits, according to new research. The findings are raising important concerns about the appropriateness of breeding lop rabbits, adorable as they are. Read More >>

Chronic Stress Makes Captive Orcas Sick and More Likely to Die Young

Diseases and premature deaths among confined orcas are linked to the tremendous stresses endured by these aquatic mammals as a result of their captivity, according to new research. Read More >>

Six Baby Squirrels With Tails Hopelessly Tangled Together Rescued in America

Ever heard of a “rat king”? As urban legend tells us, that’s what happens when the tails of rats get knotted together. Well, apparently the same thing can happen to squirrels, as the startled residents of a town in the US state of Nebraska learned last week. Read More >>

Why Purebred Dogs Are Sick, Miserable, and Ugly

Earlier this month, the Westminster Kennel Club hosted its popular annual dog show, where canines of all shapes and sizes get to strut their stuff in front of discerning judges. Seems like harmless fun, but many purebred dogs are, or soon will be, in poor physical health—the result of an emphasis on cosmetic, and not functional, physical characteristics. Read More >>

Park Denies Allegations That it Starved Walrus After Video Emerges Online

Marineland is an amusement park in Niagara Falls, Canada. It has come under fire this week after a former employee posted a video that appeared to show one of the park’s walruses in an emaciated state. Read More >>

Brazil Shot and Killed its Own Olympic Mascot

Here we go again: a jaguar that was brought out during an Olympic torch event earlier this week was shot and killed shortly afterwards when it escaped its handlers. The local Games organising committee is now investigating the incident, but animal welfare advocates say the big cat should never have been there in the first place. Read More >>

New ‘Mini-Brains’ Could Put Thousands of Lab Animals Out of Work

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have produced tiny brains made of human neurons and cells. These mini-brains could radically change how drugs are tested, replacing the many animals currently being used for neurological scientific research. Read More >>