Squid Are Nature’s Fireworks

It’s been a rough year, so why not unwind with nature’s fireworks with the assorted creatures of the deep sea? Read More >>

This Snake-Like Amphibian Might Actually Pack a Venomous Bite

Scientists have detected snake-like dental glands in caecilians, which means these serpentine creatures might actually be venomous – an unheard of trait among amphibians. Read More >>

A ‘Viral’ New Bird Song in Canada Is Causing Sparrows to Change Their Tune

A new bird song is spreading like wildfire among Canadian white-throated sparrows, at a scale not seen before by scientists. Read More >>

Essex Beaver Population Doubles Overnight

Two beavers that were reintroduced to an Essex wildlife hotspot and flood risk zone have shown off their babies to the media today, with the parents said to be doing well and thinking about names for the two kits. Read More >>

Whale Sharks Have Eyeballs Covered in Tiny Teeth

Marine biologists from Japan say whale sharks have eyeballs coated in tiny teeth, in a discovery unique to this hulking but gentle aquatic species. Read More >>

Sled Dogs Have an Unbroken Genetic Ancestry Dating Back Nearly 10,000 Years

Scientists have traced the ancestry of modern sled dogs, such as Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes, all the way back to the end of the last ice age, highlighting an extraordinarily long period of genetic continuity. Read More >>

The World Still Sucks, but at Least Bear Cam Is Back

At Gizmodo, we respect the bears. Bears are good, especially when they are fat. They are the hero we all need. That’s why I’m excited to announce that Katmai National Park, in the US state of Alaska has set up its live bear cams for the summer. You know what that means: bears, bears, and more bears. Read More >>

Do Animals Practice Revenge?

Over the years, we at Giz Asks have probed countless aspects of animal behavior and psychology. Which animal is the horniest? The filthiest? The most inclined towards monogamy? Which one kills the most people? Do any of them exercise? And so on. Read More >>

8 Wild Examples of Evolution Copying Itself

Every once in a while, Darwinian natural selection stumbles upon the same solution more than once, in a process known as convergent evolution. Here are our favourite examples of evolution making the same creature, or same physical trait, twice. Read More >>

Why Black Birdwatchers Want to ‘Change the Whole Face of the Outdoors’

After a racist white lady called the cops on a black man who was birdwatching in New York's Central Park on 27 May, the black birding community in the US came together to launch the first-ever Black Birders Week. Read More >>

Poisonous Toads Invade the US State of Florida in Latest Sign of the Apocalypse

First, there were murder hornets. Now, invasive, poisonous toads are the latest bizarre creature to go wild in the US. As South Florida enters its wet season aka hurricane season, the cane toad – an ugly, warty, brown amphibian with poison that can kill pet dogs – is thriving. That’s not only concerning for pet owners. These toads are highly destructive to the environment. Read More >>

Would Your Dog Rescue You? Scientists Made a Test to Find Out

Inside every dog there’s a hero waiting to be unleashed, or at least, that’s what we’d like to believe about our canine companions. New research suggests dogs truly want to rescue us when we’re in a bad situation, but they have to know how to help. Read More >>

Scientists Captured New Footage of the Deepest-Living Octopus

Scientists have discovered a potentially new species of the adorable “dumbo” octopus in a very unique place. At more than 4 miles (6,957 metres) under the Indian Ocean, the newly discovered octo was found at the deepest depths of any cephalopod has been observed. The discovery – published in the journal Marine Biology Tuesday – signals that there’s still so much to learn about these creatures and the deep sea. It’s a reminder that not all deep-sea animals have spiky teeth and weird bioluminescence. Some are pretty damn cute. Read More >>

How Animals Communicate

Humans and other animals are quite alike – we all just speak different languages. For humans, it’s about the spoken word. With animals, the language may have nothing to do with the auditory sense. It could be gorgeous, like Caribbean reef squid that communicate through colour patterns. Other times it’s tactile, like the way that slugs leave a slime trail with different chemicals in it to communicate something. Read More >>

That Time a Loon Fatally Stabbed an Eagle in the Heart

A lake on the outskirts of the US city of Portland, Maine, became a highly unusually scene last summer when a kayaker happened upon a dead bald eagle floating face down, pierced through the heart. Read More >>