Being In Space Is Freaking Fun

Being an astronaut is hard. Risk your life every day, work long hours, complete tasks lists with military precision, and having to poop in space. But it definitely has its perks, like the breathtaking view and throwing your fellow astronauts across a hatch. [Twitter] Read More >>

Watch the MacBook Pro Retina Go Hot Red At Maximum Power

I love thermal imaging more than a Predator and almost as much as I love the new MacBook Pro Retina. So I made this little GIF animation with thermal images from Japanese blog IT Media, showing how hot Apple's coolest computer gets under maximum stress. Read More >>

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Happy 25th Birthday to the Downright Annoying Animated GIF

The humble GIF file was first brought kicking and screaming into the world by Compuserve way back in 1987. It didn't take long before it became the scourge of internet forums and comment sections alike. Yes there have been some hilarious ones over the years, but hell, most of them are just plain hideous flashing monstrosities. Read More >>