Google’s Auto-Awesome Will Make Your Photos Snow or Twinkle

Google's Auto-Awesome feature that's baked into Google+ already does cool things, like make your pictures more balanced, auto-stitch panoramas, and even create animated GIFs. Today, it's adding two new Holiday-ish Auto-Awesomes. It's either the best new feature, or the cheesiest, worst new feature. Read More >>

This Animated GIF Perfectly Sums Up Why No One Should Ever Drive a Car

It's not complicated, really. Public transportation makes more sense than driving. Why? Because driving is an inefficient use of resources. Because driving is soul sucking. Because we can fit an unbelievable number of drivers and would-be cars into one bus. Read More >>

Become Internet Famous by Starring in Your Own GIF

OK, if you are one of those weirdos who thinks GIFs are irritating and pointless, this website that lets people insert their own faces into a variety of animated scenarios will not please you. Not one bit. Read More >>

These Adorable GIFs Are Like Tiny Moving Picture Books

Only a handful of individuals have succeeded in making the GIF into a piece of art. We can definitely add artist and designer Guillaume Kurkdjian to that list, because his collection of lovely, child-like animations are dioramas of whimsical delight. Read More >>

Amazing Astronomy + Animated GIF = Stunning 3D Nebula

If you thought stunning images of nebulous gas clouds in space couldn't get any prettier, think again. Finnish astrophotographer J-P Metsävainio has combined art and science to make these stunning 3D-esque animated GIFs of nebulae. Read More >>

Vine Is Twitter’s New GIF-like Video Sharing Service

Twitter just got more GIF-friendly, by introducing Vine, a new video-sharing service for clips that are six seconds or less. Read More >>

Math + Animated GIF = Nerdgasm

This could be the most deliciously geeky animated GIF ever created. Just in case you didn't believe that Pythagoras' Theorem worked, you now have no reason to doubt it whatsoever. [Chart Porn] Read More >>

Is There a More Awesome Combination Than Pizza and Animated Gifs? Doubt It

If you've ever had one of those days when you're blindly poking around the internet, wondering what value the world wide web really has to offer, this is your answer. Visionary Andrew Salomone has created a tutorial on making animated gifs and pizza at the same time. Read More >>

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How the Animated Gif Grew from Meme to Medium

In the 25 years since the invention of the Gif file, it's undergone an incredible metamorphosis developing from little more than a static image to become stunning cinemagraphs. PBS's Off Book explores the history of the Gif. Read More >>

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Analogue Animated GIF Player Just Secured a Place on My Wall

It looks like Santa got the letter I sent that asked for an animated GIF of a kitten nodding off that I can hang on my wall. Animated kittens and crafts, always a winning combination. Read More >>