These Steven Universe/A Softer World Mashups Are Perfect

A Softer World, for its 12-year runtime between 2003 and 2015, was one of the most beautiful webcomics one could find. Mashing up weird little tone poems, waffling between fluffy purple prose, goofy humour, and unsettling melancholy, with matching photography, it was an immediately striking and beautiful piece of work, created by writer Joey Comeau and artist Emily Horne. Read More >>

Bravest Warriors is Coming Back to Help With Your Adventure Time Withdrawal

Like all good things, Adventure Time has come to an end. As sad as that may be, there’s another story from series creator Pendleton Ward’s imagination worth your attention, and it’s about to make its triumphant return. Read More >>

The First Trailer for Netflix’s Hilda Is Full of Lighthearted Magic and Wonder

What’s a young girl with a love of the forest and all its many magical creatures and mysteries to do when she’s suddenly uprooted for a move to a nearby city? For Hilda, the titular heroine of Netflix’s upcoming series based on Luke Pearson’s series of graphic novels, the answer is simple. Read More >>

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A Super-Suave Superhero Saves the Day (Sort of) in This Clever Short Film

Sprung from the cover of a comic book with the help of some old-school 3D glasses, the tiny hero at the center of Captain 3D knows what he has to do: save the shrieking damsel from the clutches of an octopus monster. Piece of cake, right? Read More >>

Autumn Movie Guide: 33 Superhero, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Movies to Look Out For

It’s that time of year. The weather gets cooler, the leaves start to change, and movie releases get just a little more adult. At least, in theory. We’ve rounded up all the movies readers will want to keep an eye out for through the end of the year. Read More >>

Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland Lands His Next Big Gig: An Animated Series About Alien Refugees

Though Justin Roiland is busy getting those upcoming seasons (plural) of Rick and Morty nice and schwifty for you nerds, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t found the time to keep multiple plates spinning in the air. Get ready to hear a lot more of his voice. Read More >>

Gravity Falls Creator Alex Hirsch Has Signed a Netflix Deal

Good news for fans of the late, much-beloved Gravity Falls, the animated Disney series about twins who spend their days investigating supernatural mysteries. That show’s creator, Alex Hirsch (aka the voice of Grunkle Stan), will be bringing brand-new content to a brand-new home: Netflix. Read More >>

Lately, My Best Weapon Against Anxiety is Steven Universe 

So, a bit about me: I have an anxiety disorder. It ebbs and flows, sometimes it’s a barely noticeable part of my day-to-day life and sometimes it completely grounds my regular life to a halt. It manifests a lot as fixation, usually on the unknown or the unexpected. What does this person think of me? What’s going to happen in this situation? Will I lose my job, or my friends, or miss that email I’ve been waiting for? “What-if” scenarios turn into catastrophes in my head, and my whole body buzzes until I’m so frightened and uneasy I can’t even sit still. Read More >>

Voltron’s Penultimate Season Triumphantly Heads Home—But Not Without Some Bumps Along the Way

Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender has spent the past few seasons wildly expanding the scope and scale of its story, and the universe the Voltron Force is destined to defend. Its newly-released seventh season—its penultimate instalment—deftly narrows the series’ focus to a more personal level as the Paladins return to Earth, but it occasionally slips up. Read More >>

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A Futuristic Mechanical World Comes to Life in This Gorgeous Short Film, Fabricated

We’ve featured the work of Brett Foxwell on this site before, but the filmmaker’s latest stop-motion masterpiece, Fabricated, is extra-special and we’re thrilled to debut it here at Gizmodo. It’s a labour of love that took him 10 years to complete, a gorgeous sci-fi tale about a mechanical world trying to figure out how to evolve. Read More >>

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The Flash and Reverse Flash Duke It Out in This Exciting Fan Animation

Flash and Reverse Flash are classic rivals (it’s right there in the name!), and in this new fan animation, created by CrimsonedRenz, the two Speed Force-powered supers face off in a nasty, fast, brutal battle. Read More >>

The Viral Robot Video That’s Freaking Everyone Out Is Totally Fake

Have you seen this video of a very human-looking robot walking up a driveway? It’s gotten a lot of people online freaked out about the coming robot apocalypse. But you can rest easy... for now. This “robot” was created using computer graphics. As in, it’s totally fake. Read More >>

Here’s The First Trailer For The Next Star Wars Animated Series, Resistance

All wings, report in! The next animated series set in the galaxy far, far away is just two months away: Lucasfilm and Disney have confirmed that Star Wars Resistance is taking flight October 7. And we’ve finally got our first look at the anime-inspired visuals of the next animated chapter in the Star Wars saga. Read More >>

These Avatar: The Last Airbender Posters Have Mastered All Four Elements

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The forces that hold all benders together also bind together these excellent posters. Read More >>

Spooky Animated Web Series Ghost Radio Is Back for a Second Season

Ghost Radio is a web series created by Argentinian filmmaker Cristian Ponce. Now, the animated show – about a late-night radio host reporting strange events from the haunted town of Kirlian – is back. Read More >>