Richard Williams, the Oscar-Winning Animator Behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Pink Panther, Has Died

Richard Williams, the legendary animator and three-time Oscar-winner behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, two Pink Panther films, and other animated classics, has died. Read More >>

The Very Hollywood Reason You Might Not Know Neil Gaiman Wrote Princess Mononoke’s English Dub

Princess Mononoke is one of Hayao Miyazaki’s finest, but its epic tale of gods can only be matched in fantasy for the weird story behind its arrival on Western shores in 2000. One notable part of that often forgotten history? Neil Gaiman wrote the English script... although it was pretty hard to find his credit. Read More >>

The Lion King Has Edged Out Frozen as the Highest-Grossing Animated Film of All Time

This is what entertainment journalism is, in 2019: watching Disney score an unending series of victories over itself as the film industry grows smaller and smaller. Read More >>

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Has Been Cancelled

This week, while discussing the OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes’ special episode that saw the heroes of Turbo Plaza teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend-who-is-just-a friend Tails, series creator Ian Jones-Quartey quietly announced a bit of news that nobody wanted to hear. Read More >>

Garfield is Coming Back to Television

One of the most famous cartoon cats of all time is coming back to charm a whole new generation. Read More >>

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This Sonic the Hedgehog & OK K.O Crossover Clip is Pure Nostalgic Joy

In another nostalgic reminder today, I’m thinking about how much I used to love the awful, terrible, absolutely egregiously bad Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon. Like, it is a bad kid’s TV show by most metrics, unless your metric is the consumption of chili dogs. But, oh, did I love it. And seeing Sonic in a cartoon again – a good cartoon, at that? It’s nice. Read More >>

Rooster Teeth Is Teaming Up With DC For RWBY and gen:LOCK Comics

Rooster Teeth has evolved over its fifteen-year history from boutique creator of Halo parodies to major production house for a young adult-oriented animation niche that they fill pretty fabulously. Read More >>

The New Lupin III CG Movie Looks Bloody Incredible

When it comes to manga and anime adaptations, 3D has a bit of a bad rap—sometimes for good measure, when it’s used as a clumsy shorthand around traditional animation. But the latest adventure for Japan’s most iconic gentleman thief (sorry, Joker) wants to buck that trend by being downright bloody gorgeous. Read More >>

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This Cool Short Film Turns Stranger Things into Anime

Hawkins is about to get real animated. This new short film takes highlights from Stranger Things’ first two seasons and flips them, well, Upside Down. Read More >>

The Latest Star Wars Animated Short Actually Makes the Ewoks Kind of Scary

Ewoks are controversial among certain elements of the Star Wars fanbase. Cute, fluffy, and awfully goofy, a lot of people find their defeat of Imperial forces in Return of the Jedi unlikely. On the one hand, come on: it’s a movie. On the other hand, the newest Galaxy of Adventures short finally provides an answer to this problem by making the Ewoks, um, kind of terrifying. Read More >>

Aggretsuko’s Second Season Adds Nuance to Its Relatable Rage

The over the top fury with which antsy office worker Retsuko screeches her true feelings is what makes Aggretsuko so much fun to watch—her struggles are ones we all know, ones we too wish we could vent through some cathartic karaoke. But just like its protagonist, the show’s second season grows up a little by not casting all its fury in black and white terms. Read More >>

Pixar’s Next Big Project Gets a Title and Some Curious First Details

With Toy Story 4's premiere upon us, now’s as good a time as any to start thinking about Pixar’s future projects, and not just ones like Onward that we’ve already seen glimpses of. Today, Disney and Pixar announced the title of Soul, their next major feature hitting cinemas next summer, and included a cryptic tagline about the film’s premise that’s open to interpretation. Read More >>

Toy Story 4 Is a Heartwarming, Boundary-Pushing Addition to the Beloved Franchise

Above all else, the one thing Toy Story 4 needed to do was make itself worthy of the title “Toy Story.” That’s a name with a grand tradition in animation. A name that promises excellence, not some by-the-numbers cash-grab. And while it’s certain to grab a lot of cash, the movie somehow lives up to that high standard. It’s an exciting, surprising, incredibly funny film that’s just as poignant and heartfelt as you’d expect from this franchise. Read More >>

Sony Announces a Reimagined Boondocks With Original Creator Aaron McGruder

The Freemans are coming back. Sony has confirmed that The Boondocks is returning with a new television show, and original creator Aaron McGruder is on board. They also revealed a show based on the late Anthony Bourdain’s graphic novel series, and revealed more on Phill Lord and Chris Miller’s much-anticipated animated follow-up to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Read More >>