The Internet Has Turned Erik Killmonger Into The Ultimate Anime Fanboy

We know by now that Michael B. Jordan, who plays Erik Killmonger in the Black Panther film, is a bonafide anime fan. But what if Killmonger was, too? Read More >>

Michael B. Jordan Loves Anime, and Wants You to Know It

Michael B. Jordan’s stellar turn as Black Panther’s complex villain figure Erik Killmonger has the world talking. Sure, they’re talking about how great he is in Black Panther, but they’re also talking about something else: the fact that the young actor loves himself some anime, and is loud and proud about it. Read More >>

Why Some Fans Watch Anime at Double Speed

Some have called it a myth. Others say it’s an elaborate trolling campaign. And the handful of mega-otakus who claim to actually engage in it don’t quite understand what all the fuss is about; yet, every now and then, you’ll see it crop up again and again on anime forums all across the internet, drawing paragraphs of rage, bile, and outright confusion. All this for a practice that affects no one but the person who decides to do it: watching anime at anything other than the default speed. Read More >>

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The First Trailer For the Batman Ninja Anime Is a Gloriously Brutal Work of Art

While the concept alone to Warner Bros. Japan upcoming Batman Ninja anime is fantastic enough, it’s the film’s gorgeous visuals that really turn it into a truly unique, compelling work of art. Character designer Takashi Okazaki has reimagined Gotham’s heroes and villains as avant garde fashion statements inspired by Medieval Japan. Read More >>

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Watch This Neural Network Generate an Infinite Number of Totally Unique Anime Characters

Last month Nvidia revealed its work on using competing neural networks to generate random, but convincing, photos of non-existent celebrities. A website called MakeGirlsMoe does almost the same thing, but instead of celebs, it churns out never-ending headshots of anime characters. Read More >>

Legendary Horror Manga Writer Junji Ito’s Most Chilling Works Will Become an Anime Anthology

If you’re familiar with Japanese horror, you’ve probably heard about the work of Junji Ito—the author behind viral horror stories like The Enigma of Amigara Fault and Uzumaki. Now, some of his most famous spooky tales are being adapted into a new anime anthology show. Read More >>

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This Anime-Style Game of Thrones Opening Is Eerily Perfect

Game of Thrones’ vast popularity has led to countless re-imaginings of the series—from ‘60s drama, to cheesy '90s sitcom, and much more. But in all honesty, deep within the heart of Game of Thrones is a really good, bat-shit insane three-season anime series, and this fan-made opening proves it. Read More >>

J.J. Abrams Is Producing a Live-Action Remake of Anime Sensation Your Name

Your Name is one of the best animated films in recent memory, and Hollywood has finally taken notice. Paramount is planning a live-action remake, with J.J. Abrams to produce and Eric Heisserer, who wrote Arrival, to adapt the script. Read More >>

You Can Now Watch the Blade Runner 2049 Prequel Anime From the Director of Cowboy Bebop

Shinichirō Watanabe is one of the most iconic anime directors in the business, thanks to his work on the beloved Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop. But his latest work is an intriguing sidestep: a 15-minute short film set in the world of Blade Runner. Read More >>

Mary and the Witch’s Flower Is Destined to be One of Your Favourite Animated Films

If Studio Ghibli made a film where Harry Potter was a girl, Hogwarts looked like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and the whole thing turned into Akira, you’d basically have Mary and the Witch’s Flower. Read More >>

Look at All the New Anime Netflix Is Working On

Netflix’s foray into the world of anime has been slow and steady over the years, but the company is about to make a major commitment to bringing a frankly absurd amount of new series to its service—ranging from revivals of Japanese classics to brand new shows. Read More >>

Exclusive: Comic-Con And Porn Go Together Like Lois and Clark, According To PornHub

We've all seen the photos, young people enjoying themselves at the comic convention in San Diego. And there's only so many superhero outfits we can look at before thinking "I wonder if there's any porn of this". And it seems that this is a trend that PornHub has noticed too, as it has told us that searches for Comic-Con were up a staggering 2767% over the four days of the convention. Read More >>

Netflix’s Castlevania Turns the Video Game Series Into a Bloody Great TV Show

Castlevania became a classic video game franchise on the strength of labyrinthine level design, endearingly stilted dialogue, and bombastic aesthetics. The Netflix series based on the Konami property doesn’t use those elements in exactly the same way but finds its own path to being a great adaptation of the games’ whip-cracking, demon-killing lore. Read More >>

The Godzilla Anime Movie Sounds Like a Totally Wild Scifi Epic

The first animated entry into the Japanese Godzilla canon is going buck wild, it seems. We already had hints that it wasn’t just going to be your standard kaiju movie thanks to the out-of-this-world concept art, but a newly revealed synopsis teases just how out there the movie is going to get. Read More >>

Virtual Assistant Lets You Imprison Your Anime Girlfriend and Feel Loved

Like a mix between Her and the Black Mirror Christmas Special, the Gatebox is a creepy personal assistant that puts the emphasis on personal and doesn’t seem to do much assisting. Read More >>