Vector, the Little Robot That Could(n’t Do Much) is Back From the Dead

Vector, a tiny desktop companion robot that was both surprisingly endearing and unsurprisingly useless, met its demise earlier this year when its creator, Anki, ran out of money and shut down. But despite the robot failing to justify its expensive price tag, it apparently has its fans, and Vector is being brought back from the dead. Read More >>

Anki, Maker of Adorable Robots That Don’t Do All That Much, Abruptly Shuts Down

Robotics company Anki, the manufacturer of an adorable line of tiny home robots like Cozmo and its bigger brother, the £250 Vector, has unexpectedly and abruptly folded, Recode reported on Monday. Read More >>

black friday
Anki’s Adorable Robots Are On Black Friday Special Offer

We love Anki's products, so we're excited to see that favourites including the adorable Cozmo robot, the even more adorable Vector robot, and the high-speed racing game Anki Overdrive are all on special offer for Black Friday. Read More >>

This Little Robot Broke My Heart

I know I’m not going to have a robot zipping around my home, working through random chores, anytime soon. But is a simple autonomous companion so much to ask for? Anki’s new Vector bot wants to be your robotic sidekick, but as it looks up at me with confused eyes as I repeatedly try to ask it about the weather, I once again come to the heartbreaking conclusion that the reality of robotics still hasn’t caught up to what science fiction has promised us. Read More >>

I Kind of Want This Tiny Robot to Control My Home

Anki doesn’t think it’s cracked the code and developed the perfect robot to work at the centre of your smart home, but with Vector it feels it’s created a robot adorable enough, and smart enough, to tide you over until the future finally catches up with our desire. Read More >>

This Tiny Robot Let’s You Play God With Huge AI

We were all quite excited a few weeks ago when Anki announced its plan to move beyond smartphone controlled cars and into emotionally intelligent robots. At the time of the announcement Anki indicated that it would release an SDK with the inclusion of Cozmo, but until now details on what that SDK were sparse. Now we know, and the SDK is so jam-packed with goodies it could turn Cozmo into the Commodore 64 of robotics: a device that changes how people interact with abstruse technology. Read More >>

Anki’s Adding Giant Racing Trucks To its Smartphone-Controlled Slot Cars

They’re the workhorses of the world's roads, but Anki is about to make one of your childhood fantasies come true by letting you race a pair of giant trucks on its Overdrive racing set. They might not be as fast as the existing Anki race cars, but they come with devastating new weapons to help level the playing field. Read More >>

Anki Overdrive Introduces New Gameplay Options To Help Level the Playing Field

You need to bring your own smartphone or tablet to the party for app-connected toys like Anki’s Overdrive, but it also means that over time gameplay can be improved through simple software updates. And Anki’s most recent, available for download now, helps level the playing field between skilled and novice drivers. Read More >>

Anki Overdrive Review: Scalextric for the Smartphone Generation

Back in the latter part of the 1990s when dungarees were legitimately cool and "social media" meant sharing your CD Walkman, the AFX Vertigo slot-car race track came tumbling into my life. The thing was properly incredible, a tangled mass of loop-the-loops, hairpin bends and unbridled joy. Nearly 20 years has passed and those heady Vertigo days sum up my experience in the high-octane world of miniature slot-car racing. Read More >>