30 Years Later, the Max Headroom TV Hackers Remain at Large

For 25 seconds in 1987, in the middle of WGN-TV anchor Dan Roan’s sportscast, thousands of Chicagoans’ feeds were replaced with a low analogue whine and the eery image of a masked man nodding over and over as if in a state of mania. “If you’re wondering what’s happened, so am I,” Roan said to his audience once WGN regained control of the signal. What he couldn’t have known is that the rest of the world would still be wondering to this day. Read More >>

What Are Your Highlights of the BBC’s 80 Years of TV?

It's 80 years ago today that the BBC began its first TV service. It was rudely interrupted by the war for a bit, but even so. Where would we be, as a nation today, without the Beeb to bring us together over football, weddings, disasters, Christmas Day blockbusters, fights between bald men in East London pubs and Del Boy falling through the bar? Read More >>

Happy Birthday Ames! Awesome Photos From 75 Years of Aerospace Research

On the 20th of December, 1939, the second laboratory of the US National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) was founded. The facility at Moffett Field in Sunnyvale, California, would later be known as NASA's Ames Research Center after the founding chairman of NACA, Joseph S. Ames – but no one could foresee how iconic Ames would become. Read More >>

BASIC, the 50-Year-Old Computer Programming Language for Regular People

Computer coding ability has become especially hip recently. People who can't code revere it as 21st century sorcery, while those who do it professionally are often driven to fits by it. Read More >>

The Fascinating History of the Crossword, the Original Mobile Game

Look around at the people on a train, at a bus stop, or in an airport. Chances are, lots of them are playing some kind of game on their smartphones. But in any crowd, you'll likely see someone poring over a different pocket diversion — the crossword puzzle, still going strong on its 100th birthday. It's been a fascinating century. Read More >>

30 Years Ago Yesterday, Chrylser Invented the Minivan, and Changed History

On November 2nd, 1983, the world's first minivan rolled off of Chrysler's assembly line. It was the vehicle that saved Chrysler from financial doom — and in the process, shaped the automotive landscape for thirty years to come. Read More >>

Watch People in 1988 Freak Out Over The World’s First Computer Worm

A rogue computer program has broken loose, spreading uncontrollably. By the end of its rampage, the virus conquered a full ten per cent of the world's internet connected machines. An unfathomable 6,000 computers had crashed. Read More >>

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Fearless Felix’s Supersonic Space Jump Is Still Awesome One Year Later

Today is the anniversary of brave Felix Baumgartner's space jump. His heart was racing at 185 beats per minute when he jumped from an altitude of 127,852 feet, then started to spin at 60 revolutions per minute. He kept spinning for 13 seconds after jumping, reaching a maximum vertical speed of Mach 1.25. An incredible feat, and still unrivalled a year later. Come on, guys -- jump to it. Read More >>

The iTunes Store Is A Decade Old Today

For better or worse, Apple has been peddling digital wares for ten years through its iTunes store. What started as a 69 pence, iPod-centric music seller has evolved into the billion pound behemoth we know today. Read More >>

Doctor Who Sucked into Three-Dimensional Television Vortex

The 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who will see the timelord exploring an as-yet uncharted dimension, thanks to the BBC deciding to film the hour-long special of the sci-fi pantomime in 3D. Read More >>

This Is the First Picture Ever Taken From Space—and It Was Taken From a Nazi Rocket

This grainy picture was taken on October 24, 1946, almost 14 months after the end of World War II and almost 11 years before the Sputnik launch. It was taken by American military engineers and scientists, using a Nazi rocket launched from the White Sands Missile Range, in New Mexico. Read More >>

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Insane Time Lapse Video of the Golden Gate Fireworks Storm

Gizmodo reader Thomas Sidney McCallum sent this love video postcard of San Francisco's Golden Gate to celebrate its 75th Anniversary, beautifully filmed with RED and Canon cameras. If you have three minutes, watch it. You will like it. Read More >>