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Why Don’t We All Just Stop Staring At Each Other’s Screens?

One of the more annoying things about public transport is that you can rarely maintain any sense of privacy when using your gadgets. It can be maddening when you have to work or communicate and someone keeps looking at your notebook's screen. Read More >>

What’s The Most Annoying First World Problem You Are Still Waiting on Tech to Solve?

As tech makes our lives easier and easier, the little incoveniences that are left just get more glaring by contrast. Sure, I don't have to use a chamber pot but sometimes my magical pocket computer that knows practically everything gets uncomfortably warm when I'm using to to play GTA III and that's annoying. Read More >>

The Annoying Thing Facebook Is About to Do with Your Phone Numbers and Emails

Today, temporarily, some users with access to Facebook's Power Editor tool got a glimpse of a new targeted ad system the social network is prepping to roll out very soon. Read More >>

If You Don’t Have Your Headphones Plugged in While Running this Application, You’re a Terrible Human

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those sadistic monsters who leave the key-board clicks turned on on their iPhones, and the sane angels who keep that shit off. Read More >>

Your Gaming Session Could Soon Be Interrupted By Annoying Ad Breaks

A patent that was filed back in July last year by Sony, has recently surfaced that details how to shoehorn an ad break right in the middle of your gaming session. Read More >>

Mobile Phone Ringtones Make You Stupid

That bloke’s Beyoncé Single Ladies ringtone in the cubicle next to you isn’t just annoying -- it’s also draining your brain. A study out of Washington University shows that ringtones actually damage learning and can make you 25 per cent dimmer. Read More >>

The Nation’s Most Annoying Advert Will Drive You Potty

Not all adverts are created equally – some are genuinely awesome and some just drive you insane. An infuriating example of the latter is the advert, which is apparently the nation's most annoying ad from last year, and I can well believe it. Read More >>