Jeremy Hammond, Former WikiLeaks Source, Held in Contempt

Former hacktivist Jeremy Hammond, a one-time WikiLeaks source, who admitted to leaking stolen files from a private intelligence firm, was held in contempt on Thursday after allegedly refusing to testify before a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia. Read More >>

Note To Wannabe Anonymous Hacktivists: Sometimes The Target Is You

Anyone considering joining the ranks of Anonymous should be aware that the software tools they use to attack others might well turn on them too. Read More >>

Facebook Adds Tor Browsing for Paranoid Android Users

The social network has expanded its desktop Tor browsing tools to Android, meaning anyone with one of Google's smartphones should be able to idly leaf through a selection of shit memes posted by people you had something in common with in 2008 in complete privacy. Read More >>

Facebook Censors Anonymous For Amateur Murder Mystery Sleuthing

The regional line managers of Facebook Australia have decided that perhaps it's best to delete amateur murder mystery sleuthing from its site, reversing a previous decision and removing a post from Anonymous that commented on the death of teenager Cole Miller. Read More >>

Anonymous is Really Messing Up its War on Islamic State

This should not come as a surprise, but Anonymous is probably not going to rid the world of terror with its many “ops”. In fact, the latest reports indicate that the leaderless pack of hacktivists is not only incapable of disrupting so-called Islamic State (IS), it seems like Anonymous is totally fucking this one up. Read More >>

Alleged ISIS Anti-hack Checklist Published by its New Enemy Anonymous

Some rudimentary rules on how not to get hacked have been published online, allegedly coming from terror group ISIS and telling its members how to avoid getting publicly shamed by Anonymous hackers. Read More >>

Million Mask March Tonight: ANARCHY in Central London (Between 6pm and 9pm)

There’s going to be a march in central London tonight, and police say there's a chance it could turn nasty. The Million Mask March, an Anonymous-organised, anti-capitalist protest that takes place on 5 November each year, is set to kick off at Trafalgar Square at 6pm this evening. Read More >>

Anonymous: Still Trolling After All These Years

Yesterday, an environmentalist faction of Anonymous took down a Hawaiian state government website and a site for the Thirty Meter Telescope project, a controversial effort to build the world’s second largest telescope atop Mauna Kea. You’ve probably never heard of Operation Green Rights. But that’s the point. Read More >>

The Life of an Ex-Hacker Who is Now Banned From Using the Internet 

When programmer Higinio Ochoa wants to share a batch of new code with his boss, he has to post it in on paper. Why the roundabout process? Ochoa is a convicted hacker, and his punishment is that he is not allowed to use the internet. Read More >>

Anonymous Plans Hack Attacks on Alleged Westminster Child Sex Abusers

The hacker collective Anonymous has announced that it plans to launch an operation aimed at exposing child abuse rings in the establishment. Read More >>

Anonymous Hackers’ Next Target? ISIS

When it's not busy taking down government sites, hacking collective Anonymous sees itself as something akin to a G.I. Joe web division. It's announced that its next target will be ISIS, and the social media accounts of those associated with the jihadist extremists. Read More >>

Unofficial Anonymous Spokesperson Jailed for “Linking to Hacked Material”

A federal judge in the US has sentenced journalist Barrett Brown to 63 months in prison and ordered him to pay nearly $890,000 (£594,000) in restitution for charges related to the 2011 hack of Stratfor Global Intelligence. Read More >>