In the Antarctic, Scientific Freezers Like This Don’t Need Refrigeration

This eerie picture shows an Antarctic research station which is used to store, of all things, snow samples. But with temperatures regularly dropping below –70°C, there’s no need for refrigeration. Read More >>

This Seal Has a Sensor on Its Head for Gathering Data About Antarctica

It is not easy for a human to traverse the deep, cold waters of Antarctica. It is easy, however, for seals to swim through them. For the past decade, scientists have been turning elephant seals into live, swimming sensors to monitor those waters. Now, the data’s going public. Read More >>

These 100 Year Old Negatives Were Found Frozen in Antarctic Ice

These images look pretty great considering they're 100 years old. They look even better when you learn they've been sealed in Antarctic ice for 100 years. Read More >>

Watch an Insanely Relaxing Flight Across the Arctic Ice Plains by NASA

What you see here is some of the best footage shot from the front and back mounted cameras on one of the P-3B aircraft that runs NASA's IceBridge missions. These vistas are from the spring mission over Greenland and the Arctic, but NASA's going back for more this fall. Read More >>

Explorer the Stunning Antarctic From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Ever fancied taking a jaunt around the Antartic but weren't too keen on the idea of dealing with the frostbite; potential for death under every step, and the bitterly cold temperatures? Not to worry, Google's got you covered with some seriously stunning 360-degree panoramas, and Street View of historic places like Scott's hut. Time to go exploring, 21st century-style. Read More >>