The Horrifying Reason Siberia Is Dealing With an Anthrax Outbreak

In a news report that could easily be the plot of a cult horror movie, an anthrax outbreak has swept the remote Yamalo-Nenets district of western Siberia, killing 1,500 reindeer since Sunday. According to NBC News, authorities think the outbreak began when some zombie anthrax thawed out of an infected reindeer corpse and woke up. Read More >>

Hyperlocal Anthrax Outbreak Closes Wiltshire Footpath (and it’s All Down to a Cow)

People who came into contact with a cow that died of anthrax last week have been given the all clear, but not before Public Health England closed off a farm and incinerated the poor old cow to hedge off the threat of the disease spreading to other livestock and humans. Read More >>

Pentagon Cock-Up Results in Unexpected Anthrax Special Delivery

We all make mistakes at work. We've all overloaded the printer, lost the stapler or spilled coffee over our PCs. Oh...just me then? Well to the best of my knowledge I have yet to send an acute disease to any of my colleagues. Yet. Read More >>

A Government Lab Accidentally Shipped Out Live Anthrax

It looks like the Americans have some dubious competition in the mishandling deadly pathogens business. A investigation by the Guardian reveals dozens of serious safety lapses in UK labs. In one case, a government lab shipped out live anthrax because someone had grabbed the wrong tubes. Read More >>

Engineered Avian Flu Could Kill Half the World’s Humans

In his Netherlands laboratory, virologist Ron Fouchier recently experimented with spreading the avian flu virus among ferrets. Ten generations later, the deadly flu has mutated into an airborne strain that could kill half the human population. Read More >>

Why the Anthrax Murders Are Re-Surfacing 10 Years Later

A decade after the anthrax attacks killed five people and sent 17 to the hospital, and a year after the FBI officially closed the case, it's once again rearing its ugly head. Read More >>