Instagram Is Doing an Anti-Vaxxer Hashtag Purge

It takes mere moments to find thousands of Instagram posts from anti-vaxxers, but users spouting straight up bullshit about vaccinations on the photo-sharing platform are going to have a trickier time circulating their misinformation. Read More >>

Should Unvaccinated Kids Be Banned From Daycare?

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, Prime Minister Ian Turnbull of Australia is pushing its states and territories to adopt measures that would prevent unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres. Sounds harsh, but experts say it’s a good idea—one that’ll hopefully prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Read More >>

The Anti-Vaccine Movement Should be Ridiculed, Because Shame Works

The best way to win a debate is to present your facts in a clear, respectful way. When that doesn't work, another option is incessant ridicule. Here's why we have to use shame if we want to stop the anti-vaccine movement. Read More >>