EU Antitrust Officials Investigating Whether Amazon Misuses Seller Data for Profit

The European Union is informally investigating how Amazon uses the data it collects from third-party sellers hosted on its website, Europe’s antitrust chief said today. Read More >>

Google Could Face Up to £8 Billion Fine From EU for Android Antitrust Violations

Facebook has been on the receiving end of a lot of government scrutiny in recent months, but it looks like Google’s turn is coming soon. According to a report from Politico, the European Commission is preparing to hand down its decision on an antitrust investigation into the search giant’s Android mobile operating system. A fine against the company is expected to be announced in July. Read More >>

The Movement to Break Up Facebook Has Begun

Privacy and anti-monopoly advocacy groups launched the Freedom from Facebook campaign on Monday, demanding that the Federal Trade Commission force the social media giant to break up into four separate companies. Sensing a moment of weakness, activists hope to establish stronger privacy protections and cross-platform communication. Read More >>

European Union Competition Watchdog Renews Threats to Break Up Google Into Smaller Companies

Facebook may have had a very bad week stateside and in the UK over its Cambridge Analytica data scandal, but European Union officials are maintaining that fellow tech giant Google may ultimately need to be broken up, lest it swallow the internet whole. Read More >>

Google Fined £2.1 Billion for Abusing Being Google

The European Commission has done the sums and decided to hit Google with a vast fine of €2.42 billion (£2.14bn), as its long-running investigation into Google's abuse of being Google reaches its conclusion. Read More >>

Apple Must Pay £315 Million for ‘Supreme Evil of Antitrust’ Ebook Scheme

This summer, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Apple violated federal antitrust law by conspiring to fix the price of ebooks. The court called Apple’s price fixing the “supreme evil of antitrust”. Today, the Supreme Court has rejected Apple’s appeal. Read More >>

Google Rubs TripAdvisor and Yelp in the Dirt, Claims it Was Accidental

Naughty Google. Naughty, naughty Google. Everyone’s favourite search giant is in trouble again, and once more it’s because of its attitude to competitors. Read More >>

“But, But, Search is Free,” is Google’s Surprisingly Strong EU Antitrust Case Defence

Google says it shouldn’t be punished for allegedly abusing its search dominance in Europe, as it provides a free service to users. The European Commission wants to slap the company with a hefty fine -- possibly as high as $6.6 billion -- but, Big G is convinced that the charges won’t stick. Read More >>

Antitrust Police in the US May Investigate Google’s Android OS

According to a report from Bloomberg today, US trade watchdog the FTC is gathering its forces and doing the paperwork necessary to launch an antitrust investigation into Google's Android mobile OS, with sources suggesting the tech giant's pimping of its own apps inside the software and the possible freezing out of its competitors' (invariably rubbish) alternatives is the key cause for complaint. Read More >>

Billion-Dollar Giant Apple is Sad About Ebook Anti-Trust Lawyer’s Legal Fees

Apple's not happy with the US legal system, claiming that the $1,100 (£670) hourly fee charged by a court-appointed specialist in its ebook price-fixing case is a bit on the high side. He's only being given the equivalent of a 32GB iPhone 5S every hour, though. Read More >>

The US DOJ Wants to Force Apple to Let People Buy E-Books Directly from Amazon

After a U.S. District Court judged found Apple guilty of colluding with book publishers to fix the prices of e-books last month, it was unclear what the actual consequences would be for the iPad-maker. Well with little pomp or circumstance, the US Department of Justice has just cleared that up and it's not good for Apple. Read More >>

Microsoft Consortium Complains About Anti-Competitive Android “Trojan Horse”

A group of tech and search firms led by Microsoft has lodged a complaint with the EU regarding Google's "predatory" distribution of Android, claiming the free OS is disrupting the market and making it harder for others to compete. Read More >>

Google Grassed on Microsoft About Missing EU Browser Choice Screen

That massive fine handed to Microsoft for forgetting to let PC users choose their browser? It came courtesy of Google, which, according to the FT, was the outraged source that complained to EU antitrust police about the missing select screen from later versions of Windows 7. Microsoft's been well and truly Scroogled out of £480m. [FT] Read More >>

The US Government Slaps Google Again But Spares it Microsoft’s Fate

The US FTC just announced a settlement with Google, which the commission had been investigating for illegal, anti-competitive behaviour.  And it's mostly good news for everyone except Google: less patent warfare, less search engine bullying. But Google's still off the hook in one very important way: the feds are dropping their investigation. Read More >>

Report: Google’s One Step Closer to Being Hit with an FTC Anti-Trust Case

According to Reuters, top brass at the FTC is convinced it should bring an antitrust case against Google. The writing's been on the wall since last year, but it looks like things could finally be coming to a head. Read More >>